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Exclusive! Vedhika: If you don’t like my social media posts, get off of my page

The actress was the subject of a lot of trolling after she posted a video about the killing of two dogs in London – Marshall and Millions.

Exclusive! Vedhika: If you don’t like my social media posts, get off of my page

Last Updated: 07.16 PM, Jun 01, 2023


About 10 days ago, actress Vedhika had taken to social media with a very emotional video message about the killings of two dogs at the hands of police forces in London. Vedhika was distraught listing what had transpired, videos of which were all over social media. She urged fellow animal lovers to support a petition seeking action against the officers responsible for the ‘murder’ of the dogs – Marshall and Millions. And while she received a lot of support, Vedhika was also trolled vehemently for taking a stand on an issue in far off London, when there are far more pressing matters back home in India.

OTTplay caught up with the actress a few days later, once she was in a better frame of mind. “In the past few days, I have been so caught up in getting people to sign up for the cause. When you call up someone to, say, make plans to go out, it is easy, but when you ask them to put up a social media post about a cause, you have to literally hound them for several days,” she says.

Was she not bothered about all the negativity her post was gathering. “Honestly, I have not bothered reading through them, but if people are offended that I am speaking up for something in London, does it not occur to them that it can have a domino effect as to the kind of example it sets for the rest of the world. As for those who trolled me, well, those poor souls wasted so much time to demean me, which was of no use, because I have not checked anything - good or bad. I just put out a message of what I thought after the incident. This was something important to me. Am sure the ones who put negative messages are the ones who are expecting images of me in a bikini. I am honestly not bothered about the trolling – this is my page, so my rules apply. If you don’t like what I am posting, get off my page,” she says.

The actress adds that if she is expected to comment and voice her opinion about issues in the country, what are the people who are trolling her doing? “These people don’t react when I post about stray animals in India, or when I spoke about farmers’ issues, among others. I can’t make a file and prove to people that I have been vocal about issues back home also. They will pick and choose their online fights. My funda is simple – I will speak about what is causing me pain or what I feel for at that point,” says Vedhika, adding, “I was shocked that something like this happens in a place like London. If you’ve seen the video, you will agree that it is the worst thing ever; I couldn’t bring myself to watch it with audio. After a point, I realized that I could not watch it anymore, it was so horrifying. In fact, even looking at images is traumatising, but I have been conjuring all my inner strength to send it to people and get their support for the cause,” she says.

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