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Fantastic Four: As Pedro Pascal Now Leads The Race; Here’s A List Of Every Actor Rumored To Play Reed Richards In MCU

Ever since Marvel announced the Fantastic Four Reboot, who will play Reed Richards is the biggest mystery.

Fantastic Four: As Pedro Pascal Now Leads The Race; Here’s A List Of Every Actor Rumored To Play Reed Richards In MCU
Fantastic Four

Last Updated: 05.56 PM, Nov 16, 2023


Marvel Cinematic Universe is technically defining CHAOS with whatever is happening with Fantastic Four Reboot casting, and it has already been a year of rumours with a gazillion permutations and combinations that have already brought the entire non-MCU Hollywood cast under the radar. Now, as there is another drastic update with Pedro Pascal taking over Jake Gyllenhaal to become Reed Richards, we list down the 5 top bracket actors who have been rumoured to play the Marvel patriarch. 

For the uninitiated, it was recently rumoured that post the end of strikes, Jake Gyllenhaal is the studio’s first choice to play Reed, and they are waiting for his nod. But as per the latest rumours, Jake has rejected the part, and the studio now moves on to the Internet’s favourite daddy, Pedro Pascal. Now, as we wait for official confirmation, the list of possible candidates is only getting longer. And this is just for Reed Richards; there are four main characters in the film, to give you a perspective. 

So, we at OTTplay are here to make your job easier. Today we list down all five frontrunners in the race to become Reed Richards in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four Reboot and are now behind Pedro Pascal. 

Jake Gyllenhaal

Let’s begin with the one we knew was in consideration but weren't prepared for. After the strikes, we were suddenly treated to speculation that Jake Gyllenhaal is now the top runner to play Reed Richards, but it turns out he has rejected the part. However, Jake has already played Mysterio against Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in Spiderman: Far From Home. If he had taken up the job, it would have been an unconventional move on both the studio and the actor’s part. 

Adam Driver

Adam Driver was the most talked-about actor for his rumours about Reed Richards. It was said he had been locked and finalized but it only turned out to be a false alarm. Reports say that the actor chose to walk backward from playing Reed Richards in Fantastic Four Reboot after a very lengthy conversation with the studio. Adam Driver was instantly loved by the MCU fandom as soon as he was announced, but we don’t get everything we love, and this is one of the examples.  

Penn Badgley

Surprisingly, Joe Goldberg was one of the frontrunners in the fan casting polls to play Reed Richards. Considering Penn Badgley’s work in You (Netflix), one cannot imagine him playing a righteous superhero safeguarding his family while he is an established cold-blooded murderer for his audience (in reel life, you guys). But considering Penn’s versatility that he has shown with You, he was surely a solid contender. But alas, he didn’t make it to the top of the priority list. 

John Krasinski

The most obvious name for the fans and the studio as well, John Krasinski, would have been the most convenient casting, considering his history. The actor actually played a version of Reed Richards in last year’s Benedict Cumberbatch, and Elizabeth Olsen led Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness in an alternate universe. But after being surrounded by a gazillion questions about his casting, he finally made it clear it was not him. 

Ryan Gosling 

Margot Robbie was the rumoured Sue Storm at one point a year ago, and Ryan Gosling was the first choice to play Reed Richards and make his MCU debut. Imagine a Barbie reunion in the superhero realm! But it turned out neither Margot nor Ryan made it to the roster, whose name suddenly disappeared from the speculation realm with no reason given.

All of us at this point are just waiting for a confirmation. Fantastic Four is set to release on May 2, 2025. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more. 

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