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Faria Abdullah Interview - My role in Aa Okkati Adakku is close to my real-life character

Fari Abdullah plays the female lead in Aa Okkati Adakku. Allari Naresh is the hero of this film slated to release on May 3, 2024. 

Faria Abdullah Interview - My role in Aa Okkati Adakku is close to my real-life character

Faria Abdullah

Last Updated: 04.12 PM, Apr 29, 2024


Aa Okkati Adakku is all set to hit the screens on May 3, 2024, and there is a solid buzz for the film. Faria Abdullah plays the female lead in this film, and she speaks to OTTplay about her role, working with Allari Naresh, views on marriage, and stardom. Here is the transcript.

What made you choose Aa Okkati Adakku?

The script of the film is very relatable to everyone. Parents forcing us to marry has become a major problem these days. This aspect attracted me to the film. Also, my role in the film is quite close to how I am in real life. So, there was no question of me not doing the film.

About your role in Aa Okkati Adakku?

I play the role of Shruthi in the film. She is a very free-spirited girl who takes life as it comes. At the same time, Allari Naresh, my hero, is a person who plans everything in advance. How a mature bachelor falls for a girl like Shruthi and what chaos it creates is the basic story of the film.

Aa Okkati Adakku
Aa Okkati Adakku

What is the USP of Aa Okkati Adakku?

The way audiences look at films has changed drastically these days. With the advent of OTT, they have a plethora of choices, and our film has proper content. It brings back old-school comedy, funny goof-ups, and silly conversations. That is the reason the caption of our film is Allari is back. That means Aa Okkati Adakku will be filled with clean and hilarious scenes.

Tell us about your director, Malli Ankam?

Aa Okkati Adakku is Malli's debut film, but he is very clear in his approach. Malli gave a bound script much in advance and was very helpful during the making as well. His film does not have any slapstick comedy or over-the-top scenes. He has narrated the film in such a manner that it will be loved by every section of the audience.

What is your take on marriage?

I feel marriage is between two families, more than two people. Even I have been put through a situation where I was asked to get married. But also, things have changed big time and I am focusing on my career and yet to find a suitable person to get hitched to.

Faria Abdullah
Faria Abdullah

Working experience with Allari Naresh?

He is a very calm person in real life. But when he faces the camera, Naresh is something else. His comedy timing is superb, and I had a ball working with him. Our chemistry is being liked by one and all and is the biggest highlight of the film. You will see him in an entertaining avatar after a very long gap, and he has killed it.

Are you happy with the way your career is shaping up?

Yes, in a way. I got a solid push with Jathi Ratnalu, but it did not translate the way I wanted it to. But now, in the last year or so, things have changed, and I am getting to play very good characters. Aa Okkati Adakku is one such film where I have a great role and have pinned a lot of hope. I am sure that the film will be a grand success and take my career to the next level.

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