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Fear the Night OTT release date – When, where to watch Maggie Q’s breathtaking action-thriller online

The Mission Impossible 3 actor made her Hollywood breakthrough with Tom Cruise, as the only female member of MIF team

Fear the Night OTT release date – When, where to watch Maggie Q’s breathtaking action-thriller online

Still of Maggie Q from Fear the Night

Last Updated: 05.41 AM, Dec 19, 2023


Maggie Q has cemented her career in the entertainment industry with Mission Impossible 3. She played the role of Zhen Lei, the only female member of the MIF team, who is so good that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) picked her for his team to stop Owen Davian. While she doesn't do all the big fight scenes, she gets a few cool moments to show how awesome she is.

Maggie Q's other remarkable works

Maggie Q's action prowess extends far beyond Mission Impossible 3. From kicking ass in Die Hard and Live Free or Die Hard alongside John McClane, to showcasing her agility in Naked Weapon and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, she has proved her action chops in a diverse range of films. Whether wielding futuristic tech in Divergent or facing assassins in The Protégé, Maggie Q brings fierce intensity and athleticism to every on-screen brawl. And let's not forget her hilarious cameo in Rush Hour 2.

Fear the Night story

However, Maggie Q is coming back with her fierce action in Fear the Night, where she plays the lead role of Tess. The story follows eight friends, who throw a wild party at a lonely house in the mountains, where suddenly bad guys with masks show up and start shooting arrows. Tess, who used to be a soldier, takes charge and helps everyone fight back. They all have to work together to stay alive through the night.


Fear the Night trailer

The trailer of Fear the Night gives you a quick look at all the scary things that are going to happen in the movie. Right at the beginning, you see Tess, a lady who used to be a soldier, yelling at some people in a store. It looks like things are about to get bad. Then it gives you a peek at the spooky parts of the film, but doesn't reveal anything too big that would spoil the surprise. The whole trailer feels dark and mysterious, like something a horror or thriller fan would love.

Fear the Night release date

Prepare to be chilled by Fear the Night, a spine-tingling thriller from director Neil LaBute. Arriving on Lionsgate Play on December 22, 2023, which stars Maggie Q and Highdee Kuan in a story that will leave you guessing until the very end.

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