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February 2024, Week 2 OTT India releases - From Aarya Season 3: Antim Vaar, Bhakshak, Captain Miller to Guntur Kaaram, Kaatera, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan, The Marvels

In the second week of February 2024, many English, Portuguese, French, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Malayalam, Turkish, Malay, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada titles will be released on OTT.

February 2024, Week 2 OTT India releases - From Aarya Season 3: Antim Vaar, Bhakshak, Captain Miller to Guntur Kaaram, Kaatera, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan, The Marvels
Aarya Season 3: Antim Vaar; Bhakshak; Captain Miller; Guntur Kaaram; Kaatera; Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan; The Marvels

Last Updated: 10.25 AM, Feb 04, 2024


In the second week of February 2024, OTT will drop a plethora of exciting new titles that are sure to keep viewers glued to their screens. Everyone can find something to their liking among the captivating mysteries, thrilling dramas, and magical experiences. The roster is jam-packed with exciting shows, like A Killer Paradox with its intriguing cat-and-mouse game, Aarya Season 3: Antim Vaar with its ferocious determination, and Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan with its comic antics involving the Parekh family. Moreover, there's a realm of thrilling tales, hilarious anecdotes, and fascinating characters.

Learn about the titles releasing in the second week of February 2024 in detail below:

A Killer Paradox - February 9 (Netflix)

An ordinary young man gets himself into an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with a cunning investigator as one accidental killing leads to another.

Aarya Season 3 Part 2 - February 9 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Is it possible for a hunting lioness to become prey? Aarya Sareen, our ferocious lioness, is poised to strike with all her might in what may be her last assault. How does Aarya protect her family when the odds are stacked against her? The scorching Aarya will be on full display in Aarya: Antim Vaar.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 - February 8 (Disney+ Hotstar)

This workplace comedy follows a group of enthusiastic teachers and a slightly tone-deaf principal as they navigate the Philadelphia public school system.

Alpha Males Season 2 - February 9 (Netflix)

In a single day, nothing changes. Despite their best efforts, the four friends can't help but muck up their professional lives, personal relationships, and sexual encounters.

Ashes - February 9 (Netflix)

An unpublished work leads a wealthy married woman on a perilous journey that ends in irreparable destruction, beginning with an enthralling fantasy and culminating in a risky romance.

Bhakshak - February 9 (Netflix)

A struggling journalist (Bhumi Pednekar) initiates a relentless investigation into the horrific cases of abuse that persist at a shelter for young girls.

Captain Miller - February 9 (Prime Video)

The story of Analeesan (Dhanush), aka Eesa, takes place in the years leading up to India's freedom. After his mother's death, Eesa idles away his time while Sengola, played by Shiva Rajkumar, remains an ardent member of the Indian Independence movement. Ordered to leave the villagers after a confrontation, Eesa decides to join the British Indian army in an effort to gain respect. After the British rechristened him Miller, Eesa joins a battalion that brutally attacks local demonstrators. His transformation into the revolutionary "Captain Miller" prompts him to abandon the army, a move that deeply disturbs him.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 - February 5 (JioCinema)

Famous TV writer and producer Larry David and his celebrity pals and coworkers get into all sorts of trouble in Hollywood.

Dee & Friends in Oz - February 5 (Netflix)

Whisked away to Oz by a mysterious key, a common girl named Dee embarks on a musical adventure to save magic and become the story's hero.

Guntur Kaaram - February 9 (Netflix)

The Guntur simpleton Ramana doesn't give a hoot about anyone else and is constantly preoccupied with his job. After his true identity is revealed, Ramana unexpectedly becomes entangled in a political plot involving the Minister of Law and Justice, Vasundhara. He must decide whether to battle the conspirators or give up that identity.

Jai Mahendran - February 9 (SonyLIV)

Mahendran, a manipulative officer who thinks he can get things done by using his influence and powerplay, is the main character of the programme. However, the same powerplay curbs his independence at work and tests his beliefs. He will sabotage an entire system to protect his job and repair his reputation.

Kaatera - February 9 (ZEE5)

The story follows a group of farmers as they face obstacles that profoundly affect their lives in the 1970s, against a rural landscape.

Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan - February 9 (ZEE5)

Get ready for an all-new adventure with the Parekh family! The Thodi Intelligent Agency (TIA) has sent the Parekh family on a clandestine mission to a destitute nation called Paanthukistan, where the tyrannical ruler happens to be a carbon copy of Praful Parekh! The group's objective is to prevent the creation of a devastating biorobot weapon by an Indian nuclear scientist currently in prison and to abduct the king simultaneously.

La Luna - February 9 (Netflix)

The charming plot of La Luna follows little Bambino as he begins his new role as heir to the family's ancient occupation. His grandfather and father hauled him aboard a little wooden boat called "La Luna". His father and grandfather entrust him with the responsibility of gathering stars and cleaning them up on the moon. Nonetheless, the grandfather and father had a minor disagreement. Will Bambino steer the youngster in the direction he thinks is right, or will he team up with one of his two relatives?

Lantrani - February 9 (ZEE5)

Three separate stories in this anthology film depict the struggles of small Indian towns and villages and the extraordinary lengths to which their inhabitants go in order to stay alive.

Lover, Stalker, Killer - February 9 (Netflix)

Like most people, Dave was ready to start over in his love life after ending a long-term relationship, so he gave online dating a go. His most promising relationships were with Liz and Cari, two charismatic single mothers who each played a unique role in helping him get out of his shell. What started out as a chance for this dedicated father to have fun with a casual affair quickly devolved into a toxic love triangle, endangering Dave and those he cared about the most. Curious Films and director Sam Hobkinson immerse viewers in the tension and paranoia of Dave's four-year nightmare in this feature documentary. The filmmaker skillfully uses interviews with those involved, including the law enforcement officers who solved the case, and vivid reenactments to piece together a mind-bending true tale of cyberbullying and murder in the heartland of America.

Luz: The Light of the Heart - February 7 (Netflix)

The courageous Luz, who is born into a Kaingang family and raised by them, goes on an adventure to find her roots, with the help of her classmates at the boarding school where she must remain hidden.

One Day - February 8 (Netflix)

One Day is a new limited series about a love tale that takes place over twenty years and is based on the worldwide bestseller by David Nicholls. It stars Emma and Dex.

Raël: The Last Prophet - February 7 (Netflix)

The documentary series follows the rise of a controversial cult inspired by UFOs, showcasing interviews with Raël, his followers, critics, and the man himself. 

Suncoast - February 9 (Disney+ Hotstar)

This film is based on the semi-autobiographical true story of a young woman (Nico Parker) who, while helping out her mother (Laura Linney) and younger brother (Woody Harrelson), forms an unlikely friendship while opposing a historic medical case.

The Exorcist: Believer - February 6 (JioCinema)

Victor Fielding has been raising his daughter Angela alone since his pregnant wife died in the Haitian earthquake twelve years ago. Amidst his terror and desperation, Victor confronts the lowest level of evil as Angela and her friend Katherine vanish into the woods, only to reappear three days later, oblivious to what transpired. This sets in motion a series of events that ultimately lead him to seek out Chris MacNeil, the sole survivor who has ever seen anything similar.

The Marvels - February 7 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, has exacted her vengeance on the Supreme Intelligence after reclaiming her identity from the ruling Kree. However, Carol ends up bearing the brunt of a universe that is unstable as a result of unforeseen repercussions. Transported to an unusual wormhole connected to a Kree revolutionary for the sake of her job, Carol's abilities intertwine with those of Ms. Marvel—a superfan from Jersey City—and Captain Monica Rambeau, Carol's estranged niece and current S.A.B.E.R. astronaut. As The Marvels, this improbable group will have to save the universe by working together. 

The Nun II - February 7 (JioCinema)

In France, 1956, an unknown assailant murders a friar. A terrible force is moving through society. Sister Irene's rematch with the demon nun Valak takes place in the sequel to the global phenomenon.

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