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From Ripley to Amar Singh Chamkila, here's what's releasing on Netflix in the first half of April 2024

Netflix's April 2024 lineup promises two weeks packed with thrilling entertainment options.

From Ripley to Amar Singh Chamkila, here's what's releasing on Netflix in the first half of April 2024
Amar Singh Chamkila; Ripley; Scoop

Last Updated: 02.52 PM, Mar 30, 2024


From April 1 through April 14, 2024, Netflix will have a wide variety of exciting titles, so get ready for a thrilling two weeks of enjoyment. Magic, humour, and drama abound in shows like The Magic Prank Show and Demetri Deconstructed, where Demetri Martin displays her incisive wit.

Learn about the seedier side of Berlin's criminal underworld in Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer and decipher strange occurrences in Files of the Unexplained. Get ready for breathtaking heists in Crooks and moving journeys in A Journey.

Amar Singh Chamkila and What Jennifer Did are based on fascinating true stories; therefore, you should definitely watch them. This April on Netflix, there's a roster that's sure to satisfy any mood or taste, with promises of thrills, hilarity, and emotional impact.

Learn about the titles releasing from April 1 to April 14 in detail below:

The Magic Prank Show with Justin Willman - April 1

Justin Willman and his gang are master tricksters, magicians, and comedians who help real people get even by pulling intricate pranks on naive prey.

Demetri Martin: Demetri Deconstructed - April 2

Comedian Demetri Martin presents a unique stand-up show, talking about anything from aggressively perfumed garbage bags to desk jobs in hell.

Rodeio Rock - April 3

A rock wannabe must choose between following his heart and losing his own identity when forced to replace his famous Sertanejo lookalike.

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer - April 3

A spate of brutal killings in 2012 rocked Berlin's nightlife. The murderer evaded capture—until he managed to save a life.

Files of the Unexplained - April 3

Unearthing the mysteries behind strange occurrences, this documentary series delves into unearthly encounters, strange disappearances, hauntings, and more.

Crooks - April 4

In the midst of a European gang war over a valuable coin, a former safecracker and a two-bit criminal must work together for a final heist.

The Tearsmith - April 4

After enduring a challenging childhood at an orphanage, Nica and Rigel discover that unexpected and powerful feelings draw them together.

I Woke Up A Vampire: Season 2 - April 4

A charming sophomore causes a rift in Carmie's social circle when she begins high school. How can Carmie bring together a prophecy from long ago, boys, and school?

Ripley - April 4

In the early 1960s, a rich man in New York hired a grifter named Tom Ripley to go to Italy and try to get his wandering son to come back home. The intricate web of lies, deception, and murder begins with Tom's acceptance of the position. Patricia Highsmith's best-selling Tom Ripley novels serve as the inspiration for the limited series drama. 

Parasyte: The Grey - April 5

It is imperative that humanity take action when unknown parasites aggressively colonise human hosts and acquire power.

Scoop - April 5

This dramatisation, based on true events, takes an inside look at how the ladies of Newsnight got the now-famous interview with Prince Andrew.

The Antisocial Network: Memes to Mayhem - April 5

Learn how an anonymous website became a centre for real-life mayhem in this documentary, including topics such as rickrolling and viral conspiracy theories.

Spirit Rangers: Season 3 - April 8

Every day, the Spirit Rangers learn more about their culture and the world around them as they return to Xus National Park to help more friends.

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good - April 9

Comedian In this stand-up special, Neal Brennan rips at topics such as cryptocurrency, sex compliments, social media flexing, and the correlation between mental health and greatness.

Anthracite: Secrets of the Sect - April 10

A missing reporter's daughter follows her father's trail to a sleepy mountain town shrouded in mystery as she investigates an old case.

The Hijacking of Flight 601 - April 10

Intense discussions take place both in the air and on the ground following a plane hijacking, and two flight attendants must outwit their assailants.

Unlocked: A Jail Experiment - April 10

A sheriff in an Arkansas prison facility launches a groundbreaking social experiment to empower male inmates in this reality show.

What Jennifer Did - April 10

After Jennifer Pan reports her parents' shootings to 911, she finds herself at the centre of a fascinating criminal investigation.

As the Crow Flies: Season 3 - April 11

A familiar person appears in front of the camera, shuffling the cards of televised news, causing old alliances to dissolve and new partnerships to form.

Heartbreak High: Season 2 - April 11

A new wave of problems, along with an enigmatic stalker, start interfering with Amerie's life right when she hopes the new term will finally be peaceful for her.

Midsummer Night - April 11

When long-buried secrets begin to surface, Carina's traditional Swedish midsummer celebration goes horribly wrong.

Good Times - April 12

A new generation of the Evans family manages to stay afloat in a Chicago housing complex in this daring and disrespectful remake of the beloved TV series.

A Journey - April 12

A woman refuses cancer treatment and instead takes a road trip across Tasmania with her husband and best friend to fulfil her bucket list.

Amar Singh Chamkila - April 12

Amar Singh Chamkila, the first rockstar of the masses from Punjab, climbed from the depths of poverty to the pinnacle of fame in the 1980s owing to the magnetic force of his music. His meteoric rise, which enraged many, culminated in his murder at the tender age of 27. This is the unsung true story of his life. 

Love, Divided - April 12

As a young pianist, Valentina is beginning anew. David, her next-door neighbour, is an inventor who despises noise. A delicate wall is on the verge of playing matchmaker for them.

Stolen - April 12

This heartbreaking drama follows a young woman from Sweden's Indigenous Sámi culture as she seeks vengeance on a murderer.

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp - April 12

After escaping the wilderness, Woody believes he has finally found a permanent home at Camp Woo Hoo, but an inspector threatens to close the camp.

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