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Game Of Thrones’ scrapped spin-off Bloodmoon back in news as Naomi Watts’ pilot footage leaks online – Here’s everything you should know

A Game Of Thrones spin-off centered around the White Walkers was once commissioned but then scrapped.

Game Of Thrones’ scrapped spin-off Bloodmoon back in news as Naomi Watts’ pilot footage leaks online – Here’s everything you should know
Game Of Thrones: Bloodmoon Glimpses Leak Online

Last Updated: 05.29 PM, Feb 08, 2024


While it felt like the end of an era after Game of Thrones ended its television run back in 2019 with the bittersweet eighth and final season, we are now on the other side where it finally feels like there is an abundance of Westeros content surrounding us again and we are not complaining. While House Of The Dragon has managed to take off to a good start and now moves towards a second season, and there is a Jon Snow spinoff titled Snow already in the making, there is enough buzz about them all. But we must not forget that there was another spin-off in the making, of which even the pilot was shot and scrapped.

About Bloodmoon Leaks 

Yes, we are talking about the Naomi Watts-starrer spin-off of the Westeros saga that was titled Game of Thrones: Bloodmoon. The spinoff that was greenlit by HBO in June 2018 and Watts and some more big names were brought on board was cancelled midway and there is no update on why that was cancelled. But it turns out a new clip and stills that are going viral on the internet have reminded netizens of the scrapped spinoff. A new video online shows a Naomi Watts-starrer clip from the pilot of Bloodmoon.

On X (formerly called Twitter), some very interesting pictures and a short clip are going viral. They feature Naomi Watts in different looks. The clip has her praying while a child can be seen sitting in the background. The setup also has a lot of fire. The show was supposed to talk about the first long night. Watts was cast as a charismatic socialite who was hiding a very dark secret. Fans have been showering the pictures with love but are also confused why the makers would go this far in the production of Game of Thrones: Bloodmoon and scrap it.

Check Out The Glimpses Below:

As per Comic Book Movie, the official logline for Game of Thrones: Bloodmoon read, "From the horrifying secrets of Westeros's history to the true origin of the White Walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend, only one thing is for sure: it’s not the story we think we know." Sounds very interesting but no one knows if we will now get to see this story ever now.

Meanwhile, there is already a whole lot from Westeros we are waiting for. House Of The Dragon season 2 first look is out and the season will release anytime soon. Additionally, Kit Harington is also returning to play Jon Snow in the spin-off titled Snow. If that isn’t enough, there is also A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight.

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