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Game Of Thrones – another spin-off The Hedge Knight to go on floors in 2024; here’s everything we know about this crazy update

Game Of Thrones has had a successful first spin-off prequel with House Of The Dragon. 

Game Of Thrones – another spin-off The Hedge Knight to go on floors in 2024; here’s everything we know about this crazy update
Another Game Of Thrones Spin-off Confirmed

Last Updated: 09.28 AM, Jan 19, 2024


Nothing can meet the anticipation that was created by Game Of Thrones amid the fans who have been with the franchise for a decade, hooked to everything happening in and around the eight seasons based on George RR Martin’s Song Of Ice And Fire. The show that wrapped up its run in 2019 is still fresh in the minds of the fans who ask for more of it even when a massive prequel is served in these five years and season two of the same is up for release. But this demand also makes the studio backing the IP work relentlessly to serve what is demanded. Turns out that this has now led to another GOT spin-off, The Hedge Night, going on floors in 2024.

Game Of Thrones New Spinoff

Yes, you read that right. After House Of The Dragon and as we wait for season two, HBO is now ready to serve us another show from the realm of Westeros, and they are already ready with the basics. Casey Bloys, an HBO top executive who is basking in the glory of Succession at the award season, has now revealed that the work on The Hedge Knight is on the fast track and the show will go on floors in 2024 itself. He emphasized the fact of how massive the show is and how people assume the studio is already shooting for shows like such when the rumors break, but that is not the case.

Casey Bloys also spoke about the fact that there are reports that a bunch of Game Of Thrones spin-offs are in the making. He revealed how everything is still very much on, but the only confirmed and greenlit Game Of Thrones projects are House Of The Dragon and The Hedge Knight. He also confirmed that there are a lot of other projects in development but he doesn’t have anything imminent to report about them at this point.


What Is The Hedge Knight

The complete title of the story, "A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight," will be, of course, adapted from the books. It will explore three novels from the Tales Of Dunk and Egg series, including 1998's The Hedge Knight, 2003's The Sworn Sword, and 2010's The Mystery Knight. The show will be set roughly a century before the events of Game Of Thrones and much after the events of House Of The Dragon. This means the show will be placed in the fading aftermath of Dance Of The Dragon.

When Will The Hedge Knight Release

There is no release window attached to The Hedge Knight as of now. The show is very much in the adolescent stage where it is still to even cast the primary members and is still being written at the studio. After a script is prepared and the final draft is greenlit, the rest of the process will kick-start with one thing leading to another. It was earlier expected to go on floors in Spring this year but the plan went for a toss due to the delay in pre-production.

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