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Ghost promotions: Shivarajkumar channels fun avatar in #AskNimmaShivanna

The on-going 100-hour #AskNimmaShivanna campaign has seen the Century Star funny bone while answering fans

Ghost promotions: Shivarajkumar channels fun avatar in #AskNimmaShivanna
Is Shivanna doing a web series?

Last Updated: 10.26 PM, Sep 30, 2023


On September 28, the team of the upcoming pan-India release Ghost, started a 100-hour social media campaign with its leading man, Century Star Shivarajkumar. The Hattrick Hero was to answer the most intriguing questions via video, which he did for a while, but after that has mostly been replying via text only. Whether or not it really is Shivarajkumar answering the tweets from his profile or there’s a ‘ghost’ writer at work, there’s no denying that some of the responses have been damn funny.


For instance, when someone asked the actor the secret to his endless reserves of energy, he said, “Dina bellige A4 size battery charge maadi pocket alli itkothini :)”, and when another asked him for a punch line from Ghost, he quipped, “Hange film whatsapp alle kalsbidla?”. And when asked about his fitness secret, the answer was that there’s no secret, but that he regularly teaches jogging to his treadmill. Shivarajkumar is being digitally de-aged for a portion in Ghost, and when asked if he was happy with the VFX output, he quipped, "De-Ageing output bagge naan mathadalla neeve screen mele nodi helbeku. Team Thumba khushi aagidare. Inond question Nange age aage Illa inna de-ageing yaake?". A lot of the questions in the #AskNimmaShivanna campaign so far have been about his opinion or dynamic with fellow actors in other industries, for which Shivanna, obviously, had a lot of nice things to say. The campaign will wind up on October 1 at 10.59 am, just prior to the launch of he trailer of his film Ghost.

The trailer of the MG Srinivas directorial is being released by SS Rajamouli, Dhanush and Prithviraj, in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, respectively. So far, Srinivas has revealed that Ghost is based on a real incident and that the narrative, much of which plays out in a prison, is within a 48-hour time frame. An action heist thriller, Ghost has Shivarajkumar in a gangster avatar as well, but this bit is only a small fraction of the plot, said the filmmaker, who is also looking at the film as the first in his Srinivas Cinematic Universe, which will include his Birbal movies too.

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