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Godzilla Minus One on OTT: Netizens can’t stay calm amid monster rampage

Nearly six months after Godzilla Minus One came to theatres in some parts of the world, it’s dropped on OTT and netizens have a word of gratitude for the streamer.

Godzilla Minus One on OTT: Netizens can’t stay calm amid monster rampage
Godzilla Minus One

Last Updated: 07.19 PM, Jun 01, 2024


Netizens across the globe were in for a pleasant surprise when one of the most-anticipated films of the year made its way to streaming unannounced. Godzilla Minus One, the hit Japanese Kaiju film that won the Oscar award for Best Visual Effects earlier this year and is widely considered the best film of 2023 and the greatest in the monster franchise, dropped on Netflix on June 1.

The film, written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki, who is also credited for the visual effects, is available in the Japanese original version with English subtitles, as well as with English audio. The overwhelming call on social media is for audiences to watch the film in its original version. “If you're planning to watch #GodzillaMinusOne on @netflix, please watch it in Japanese with English subtitles... Whatever you do, don't watch it in English or any of the other dubbed languages...,” wrote a netizen, a sentiment that was echoed by many others.

During its theatrical outing, which was limited and phased and did not make it to all the countries across the world, including India, Godzilla Minus One had opened to overwhelmingly positive reviews, with audiences raving about the superior visual effects, story-telling and so much. Critics, in particular, highlighted how a film made under USD 15 million had managed to win an Oscar for the visual effects and provided an engaging viewing experience without big stars.

After its OTT release, the feedback pouring in for Godzilla Minus One is pretty much the same. Audiences are loving every bit of it, although, many are also desperately waiting for the 4K digital debut of the film.

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