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Gold Run OTT release date - Here's where to watch the Norwegian war drama in India

Gold Run OTT release date - This 2022 war drama delves into the story of Germans invading Norway during World War II 

Gold Run OTT release date - Here's where to watch the Norwegian war drama in India

Gold Run

Last Updated: 08.23 PM, Jul 05, 2024


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When and where to watch Gold Run?

The Norwegian war drama is releasing soon in India on September 6, 2024, only on Vrott. The movie made its theatrical release in 2022, and is finally making its India release within two months. Gold Run will be streaming in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. 

Gold Run
Gold Run

Gold Run plot

During World War II, Norway faced an unprecedented challenge as German forces invaded their country, threatening to seize their valuable gold reserves. This incredible true story recounts the daring efforts of Norwegian heroes who raced against time to evacuate the entire gold reserve, navigating treacherous landscapes and enemy forces to ensure the precious metal remained out of German hands, safeguarding their nation's wealth and pride. 

What does the trailer show?


Set in the 1940s, the trailer of Gold Run begins with exhibiting a family’s celebrating a get together on one of their children's birthday. Suddenly the siren begins from far away, and the family halts the whole birthday party. The very scene will definitely make your brain filled with numerous questions. 

In the next scene we get to see the roads of Norway are all empty like a cemetery. Not a single human being is seen outside. Military planes are keeping a check on every place in Norway. Some women are seen burning down millions of papers. Jon Øigarden as Fredrik Haslund is seen as a parliament secretary, who takes his job very seriously. 

As German troops unexpectedly descend upon Oslo in April 1940, Fredrik soon makes a difficult decision to return to his office and face the danger, rather than escaping somewhere else. He prioritises his work over his family’s safety and well-being. 

Gold Run
Gold Run

The Nazis, driven by their insatiable war efforts, set their sights on Norway’s national economy and steal them. With a ruthless commanding officer, they employ brutal tactics and torture on Norwegian people. The Nazis are seen as relentless in their pursuit of the nation’s treasury. 

Will the Norwegian be able to fight back? Or will they lose to Germans and be their slaves forever?

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