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Restore Point OTT release date - Watch the European sci-fi flick on this platform

Restore Point OTT release date - Released in 2023, this Czech thriller sci-fi flick is finally releasing in India

Restore Point OTT release date - Watch the European sci-fi flick on this platform

Restorne Point European movie

Last Updated: 11.11 PM, Jun 27, 2024


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Restore Point European movie
Restore Point European movie

When to watch Restore Point?

This European sci-fi movie of Czech Republic origin, made its theatrical release in Prague in 2023. The movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages on August 2, 2024, only on Vrott. 

What is the plot of Restore Point?

The year is the 2041 dystopian era. Detective Emma Trochinowska, shortly Em, stationed in central Europe, gets an emergency call from her senior to a crime scene unlike any other she has ever seen in her life. A couple, who got brutally murdered, gets a second chance to live, all thanks to the medical science’s immense development. Soon controversy arises across the world about the secretive technology, which revived the couple’s lives. 

Restore Point European movie
Restore Point European movie

What does the trailer show?

The trailer begins with introducing Em and her efficiency in her work. She seems like a very hardworking and determined detective. However, in the year 2041, death is no longer the end, thanks to advanced science. The catch? This unique technology is still hidden from the world. 

Em gets appointed with a deadly murder case of a young couple. The news of the murder also got spreaded within a fraction of seconds due to technology’s insane developer. However, soon we get to scientists regaining the couple from death, and the world is shocked and curious. 


Just when the trailer is about to give us hints about the next situation, we see Em chasing some unknown figure. Em and her team are seen fighting with some deadly unnamed goons. At the very end, we get to see some kind of small devices are attached to the humans just behind their earlobes. 

Are humans now controlled by AI and machines? Is it the end of the world?

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