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Griselda on OTT - Sofia Vergara thought her character needed her to change her body! | WATCH her shocking revelations

What are the tough things the 51-year-old actress has to go through to give Griselda Blanco perfection?

Griselda on OTT - Sofia Vergara thought her character needed her to change her body! | WATCH her shocking revelations

Sofia Vergara from Griselda

Last Updated: 09.01 AM, Jan 30, 2024


Modern Family's Gloria trades laughs for cocaine in Griselda!

The gripping crime drama is based on the real-life exploits of Miami drug queen Griselda Blanco. Sofia Vergara sheds her comedic skin to embody the ruthless boss in this mini-series, directed by André Baiz. The show was released on January 25 on Netflix, and within no time, it has garnered rave reviews and an audience flooded with applause on Twitter, proving Vergara's dramatic prowess and the show's captivating portrayal of a notorious underworld figure.

Netflix's latest interview of Sofia Vergara

Capitalising on Griselda Blanco's popularity on Netflix, the streaming service is pulling out all the stops to promote the show. They recently released a surprise video featuring Sofia Vergara, who opens up about her experience portraying the notorious drug queen. In the video, Vergara reveals that she initially anticipated the character would need her to do some physical transformations, like using a spanx to hold her private area in real life.

What were the most challenging things for Sofia?

For the 51-year-old actress, it wasn't just another role; it was an exhausting physical and mental marathon. The prosthetics became a fear for her; the long 16-17 hours of shooting on set tested her endurance; and conquering Spanish, a language entirely new to her, demanded immense focus. This transformative experience pushed her boundaries, leaving her forever changed by the challenges she overcame.

How did Sofia get prepared for her character?

Stepping into the shoes of a drug dealer required more than just memorising lines for Vergara and her co-stars. They embarked on a crash course in the criminal underworld, learning the lingo, habits, and even the art of the deal. For Vergara, a single woman juggling motherhood with such intense preparation, the real challenge wasn't the acting itself but navigating the demands of both worlds simultaneously. Her journey underscores the complexities and sacrifices often involved in portraying complex characters, especially for women juggling personal and professional commitments.

Griselda story

The mini-series takes us back to Miami in the ‘70s and ‘80s, when the drug trade was booming. It was a world full of men who would ignore a woman leading a meeting, always asking for the ‘real boss’. But Griselda Blanco wasn't like other women. She was tough and clever, and she used a mix of meanness and sweetness to become the queen of her own drug empire.

Griselda is currently streaming on Netflix.

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