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Gullak 4 ending explained – A sweet goodbye from Mishra parivaar or hint at new beginnings?

While Gullak always ended with a promise to come back, this time the ending gave us a hint that something different will happen in Mishra parivaar next time (if there is a next time).

Gullak 4 ending explained – A sweet goodbye from Mishra parivaar or hint at new beginnings?

Gullak Season 4

Last Updated: 10.31 AM, Jun 10, 2024


Gullak 4 has released and with five episodes, the season once again came to an end. Jameel Khan and Geetanjali Kulkarni play the parents Santosh Mishra and Shanti Mishra on the show, while Vaibhav Raj Gupta and Harsh Mayar are seen as their sons Annu and Aman Mishra. That completes their ‘Hum Do Hamaare Do’ family, which is pretty close-knit. Season 4 saw them come closer since Aman Mishra started adulting and the parents did what they do best – parenting.

Aman vs parents, the building block to the ending

Aman Mishra has started showing traits of someone who has hit puberty. He behaves exactly like they do, which does not go unnoticed by the already frustrated members of the Mishra parivaar. Annu is stressed out about having a stable source of income to support his family and let his father retire in peace. Shanti is frustrated because her efforts are not respected, and she leaves Santosh stressed about Aman growing up as a hooligan. Aman, on the other hand, is underestimated. He has been a topper and understands basic qualities like respect. Aman is someone who respects every member of the household, but gets treated unfairly in return. Even if his older brother Annu scolds him, he calmly and in a fun manner asks what has happened. Aman likes having fun with his father too, and he respects his mother. While doing so, he got mired up in something that was not his fault but was grossly misconstrued.

A few days back, Aman found his mother’s novel The Raunchy Nights. She had penned the novel. In order to save his mother’s reputation, he tore the name out and kept the novel hidden. The problem is this was found by Santosh at a very wrong time. Aman tries to save his friend Suryaprakash Narayan’s love life by making excuses that they are in school but in reality, going to a coffee shop with Narayan and his supposed girlfriend. The girlfriend happened to be with a girl who Aman already likes. A neighbour spotted this happening and clicked them together. He came to the Mishra house, spoke to Shanti and left. After finding Aman’s love letter for the girl he likes, and the novel, Santosh loses his calm and slaps his youngest son.

Aman’s reaction

Gullak 4. (Courtesy - SonyLIV)
Gullak 4. (Courtesy - SonyLIV)

The slap still resounding in his ears, Aman left to find peace at the terrace. He did not come back to the house for hours at an end. It is Bittu Ki Mummy (Sunita Rajwar) who, for once, whispers to Annu that Aman is not at the terrace and was spotted in the lane. Thus, Annu leaves to search for his younger brother. This happens right after he found a big victory on the professional front. Annu, proud of his younger brother’s love letter, heads out to search for Aman and with the help of his wide contacts, he spots him at the bus stand.

Aman sits at the bus stand, confused about life decisions. He has clarity about what he would do but when he says it out loud, it sounds ridiculous to him. Aman wanted to go to Haridwar and start his career from scratch to eventually become an astro-physicist and join NASA. Annu believed in his plan and said that his younger brother can achieve it all. Aman, who had the opportunity to grab a smoke like his elder brother, refrains from doing so. Annu couldn’t be prouder of his shining star. During their conversation, Aman finds clarity about what his next step should be.

The ending

After a lot of back-and-forth (mostly back), the brothers are seen living like the sweet brothers they are. Annu gives Aman a ride back home. Santosh is worried but Shanti is hopeful that their sons will be back. Just then, they arrive. This time, Santosh has taken a decision. Aman also has a point to keep, but Santosh goes first. Having seen his two children fight constantly and after toying with the idea for a while now, Santosh decides that the Mishra parivaar will move into a new house. He and Shanti initially discussed that Aman should get his own room and they would vacate the prayer room for that, but on seeing the whole story unfold in front of his eyes, Santosh decides that moving to a different, bigger house with a balcony is better.

Gullak Season 4
Gullak Season 4

On hearing him say that, Aman breaks down. He just had his moment of realization – that he does not want to break away from home, and Santosh announced that they will no longer have the home that is filled with their memories. Aman gets heartbroken, says sorry to his father for speaking rudely, and states that he is scared looking at him, even when their father never left them feeling that way. Aman just doesn’t want a change anymore, and states that he doesn’t want the prayer room and wouldn’t even lock the door when sharing the room with Annu.

After listening to Aman’s words, Santosh then tells his younger son that he should not change out of fear. Annu turns the matured one once again, and after letting them live their moment, he asks his family members to stop getting so emotional. Just after, he asks, “Rona hai aapko aur? (Do you want to shed more tears?),” only to add that he also has an announcement. Annu wants to talk to his parents about the Goa trip he got as a bonus at work. While he wants to go with Aman, the latter suggests that the parents should take this trip. Shanti still resists, but Santosh understands the emotions behind the suggestion and convinces his still nervous wife.

In his epic way, Santosh decides that he will bathe in the sea during day time and in the swimming pool at night. Shanti is still sceptical and believes nothing comes for free, so they will ‘think over it.’ Annu and Aman leave the parents be. Annu is taking Aman to a place where only grown-ups go. Despite his curiosity, Santosh lets his sons also be. With that, another beautiful season comes to an end. But even though the makers hinted that it could be the end for Gullak, it was saved last moment, with the promise of another season and that Gullak 5 might end up being on a whole new level, now that the parents and kids are closer to being friends.

Gullak is now streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium.

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