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HanuMan on ZEE5: 5 reasons that make this blockbuster a compelling watch on streaming

Here are the 5 reasons that make director Prasanth Varma's blockbuster HanuMan a compelling watch on streaming. 

HanuMan on ZEE5: 5 reasons that make this blockbuster a compelling watch on streaming

HanuMan poster

Last Updated: 08.17 PM, Mar 18, 2024


HanuMan is the first biggest Telugu blockbuster of 2024 . The film was initially released in cinemas on January 12, coinciding with the celebration of the Sankranti festival. Written and directed by Prasanth Varma, HanuMan had been in the making since 2021, and its release faced numerous delays owing to various reasons.

Even when HanuMan finally had its theatrical debut this year, it encountered tough competition at the box office from other major festival releases. Thanks to Prasanth Varma's faith in the movie's potential to resonate with the masses, he organized paid premieres across the country on the eve of its actual release.

HanuMan received a warm reception from audiences who attended its premieres. The positive word of mouth spread rapidly, generating significant anticipation for its theatrical release. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from audiences, HanuMan, despite being made on a tight budget, outshone other major releases and dominated the box office in the Telugu states.

The film was also well-received in Hindi-speaking states, where it managed to compete with Bollywood films like Hrithik Roshan's Fighter. HanuMan ran for more than eight weeks in theatres, achieving a rare box office feat in the post-pandemic period.

However, streaming audiences had to wait longer than expected to watch HanuMan from the comfort of their homes. When the film finally premiered on ZEE5 on Sunday , it set a streaming record. According to the streaming platform, the film garnered 102 million streaming minutes in less than 12 hours after its premiere.

Here are the 5 reasons that make HanuMan a compelling watch on streaming:

Mythological angle:

HanuMan is inspired by Indian mythological stories and draws heavily from the legendary tales of Lord Hanuman. The movie begins with a mythic narrative about the adventures of a young Hanuman, who mistakenly attempts to swallow the sun, believing it to be a fruit. In the ensuing confrontation with Lord Indra, Hanuman spills a drop of blood, which eventually transforms into a powerful gemstone over several hundred years, connecting the plot to contemporary times.

Jai Hanuman:


If you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman, then this film is highly likely to resonate with you deeply. The movie truly comes alive whenever the narrative revolves around the legendary tales of Lord Hanuman. Actor Teja Sajja might be on the poster, but it is Lord Hanuman who shines as the true star of this movie.


HanuMan is crafted on a minuscule budget, yet director Prasanth Varma and his team have executed a commendable job with the movie's special effects. The VFX stands out as one of the film's greatest strengths, offering convincing visuals. Particularly noteworthy are the scenes depicting the battle exploits of Lord Hanuman, where the special effects significantly enhance the viewing experience.


HanuMan greatly benefits from witty punch lines that evoke genuine laughter. In particular, the movie excels when Teja Sajja's Hanumanthu embarks on a series of misadventures to explore the extent of his newfound superpowers. Teja Sajja delivers a convincing performance in comedic scenes, complemented by his co-star Getup Srinu, who portrays the hero's comedic sidekick, Kaasi. The scene where Hanumanthu attempts to demonstrate his superpowers to Kaasi serves as a homage to Telugu cinema's penchant for over-the-top action sequences.

The hero's journey:

HanuMan offers compelling character development, particularly in its portrayal of Hanumanthu's journey. Viewers witness his growth from an aimless and unsure individual to an empowered hero as he discovers and embraces his extraordinary abilities. The film explores Hanumanthu's inner struggles, doubts, and eventual acceptance of his destiny, creating a relatable and engaging protagonist.

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