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Hi Nanna director Shouryuv - Nani heard 70 scripts before mine, I’m still unsure why he chose me

The debutant poured his heart out at Hi Nanna’s success meet held in Hyderabad

Hi Nanna director Shouryuv - Nani heard 70 scripts before mine, I’m still unsure why he chose me
Shouryuv on Hi Nanna

Last Updated: 10.04 AM, Dec 18, 2023


Director Shouryuv made a fascinating debut with Hi Nanna, the emotional romance drama that hit theatres on December 7 globally. Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Baby Kiara essayed pivotal roles in the film produced by Vyra Entertainments. After entering profit zone in most of its territories, a success meet was held at Hyderabad on Sunday.

The filmmaker reportedly had several big cinematographers in mind for Hi Nanna, but Nani asked him to approach Sanu John Varughese and he narrated the story in Coimbatore. “Nani said if he liked the story, it was more or less a hit. His versatility, from Jersey to Shyam Singha Roy to Malik to Vishwaroopam, bowled me over.”


He and Hesham reportedly fought regularly, scolded one another and were in tears during the making. “We used to give each other an invisible award whenever we came up with the better idea. I’m proud of him.” Shouryuv was confused when Priyadarshi kept laughing after the emotional scenes during the narration. He apparently avoided tears and masked it with a laugh.

“Priyadarshi did so much homework that we changed the character’s name from Vamsi to Justin - he researched about the local population in Coonoor and wanted to represent them authentically on the screen,” he stated. He had high words of praise for Mrunal, who’s currently busy with a film’s shoot in the US and could not make it to the event.

“Mrunal was supposed to join us today but she’s busy with a shoot in the US. Even when I was tensed during the post-production, she experienced a sense of calm (much like she did during Sita Ramam) and was confident that the universe would conspire to make it a success,” Shouryuv stated. He said it was a blessing to work with Baby Kiara, adding she would always be the unit’s Gaaju Bomma.

Before the release, many had asked Shoryuv why Nani chose a script like Hi Nanna after an action film like Dasara. “I still don’t have a firm answer for it, maybe he liked me and the script. Before I narrated the script, I got to know he heard 70 stories.” After Hi Nanna, Shouryuv will work on an action film - more details about the project are awaited.

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