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Hondisi Bareyiri gets a new streaming destination

The Kannada romantic drama Hondisi Bareyiri is available on Amazon Prime Video as well, but you can soon stream it directly from the makers.

Hondisi Bareyiri gets a new streaming destination
A still from Hondisi Bareyiri

Last Updated: 07.15 PM, May 15, 2024


Writer-director Ramenahalli Jagannatha’s debut film Hondisi Bareyiri, the coming-of-age romantic drama starring Praveen Tej, Naveen Shankar, Aishani Shetty, Archana Jois, Shri Mahadev, Archana Kottige, Samyukta Hornad, Bhavanaa Raao and Anirudh Acharya, which released in theatres in February last year and subsequently made its way to streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is reaching audiences through a new avenue this week.


Jagannatha, who founded Sunday Cinemas, which also produced the film, is giving audiences who have not seen it yet in theatres or on OTT, another easier shot at accessing it. On May 17 at 6 pm, Hondisi Bareyiri will become available to stream on the banner’s official YouTube page. Jagannatha took to social media to announce the same.

When Hondisi Bareyiri came to theatres , it had a decent run, but had an overwhelming response once it came on OTT, clocking 100 million streaming minutes on Prime Video. For those who missed it in theatres and do not have a Prime subscription, the filmmaker is now making his debut venture available.

TITLE Hondisi Bareyiri
DIRECTOR Ramanatha Jagannatha
CAST Praveen Tej, Shri, Naveen Shankar, Aishani Shetty, Archana Jois
OTT RELEASE & PLATFORM April 1, 2023 (Amazon Prime Video); May 17, 2024 (Sunday Cinemas YouTube)

All about Hondisi Bareyiri

Hondisi Bareyiri is a tale of five engineering college pals, Jagan (Praveen), Ranjith (Naveen Shankar ), Kumar (Shri), Soma (Anirudh) and Saniha (Aishani) and how they navigate the corporate world as young adults, while also meeting new people along the way. How all of this transforms their lives is what the film is about. The highlight of Jagannatha’s film is its realistic narrative, with no over-the-top moments. More than the story, it’s the cast that gives the film a certain gravitas making it a good one-time watch.

Much of the story is told in flashback mode, as the friends figure out how each of them has fared in the time since they last met each other. Since Hondisi Bareyiri, Praveen, Naveen, Shri, and Anirudh have had other releases, while Aishani, one hears, is all set to move behind the camera and direct her debut film shortly.

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