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House of Ninjas 2024 – Release date, OTT partner, trailer, cast, plot and more

House of Ninjas is Netflix’s upcoming mega-venture in Japanese shows, after Alice in Borderland and Yu Yu Hakusho. The series will drop in the middle of this month. 

House of Ninjas 2024 – Release date, OTT partner, trailer, cast, plot and more
The poster of House of Ninjas

Last Updated: 06.06 PM, Feb 04, 2024


Netflix is almost ready to serve House of Ninjas to its audience, after the success of Japanese series like Alice in Borderland and Yu Yu Hakusho. Directed by Dave Boyle, the show promises to be an action-comedy with a touch of poignant emotions. House of Ninjas follows the secret existence of a particular clan of ninjas in modern Japan and their deep yet complicated relationship with patriotism.  

Release date and Trailer of House of Ninjas

Releasing on February 15, 2024, the series will arrive on Tudum at the nick of time to lighten up and add a touch of feel-good factor to the commercial romanticism that takes place during that period every year. House of Ninjas dropped its trailer on February 2, 2024, that showed a peek of intense family drama featuring a combination of grief, love, and ninjutsu (or as kids we used to call it, “ninja technique”).  


Main Cast of House of Ninjas

The trailer offers an insightful glimpse of the Tawara family, the last ninja family, comprising of Kento Kaku as the younger son Haru, while Aju Makita essays the role of his elder sister Nagi and Kengo Kora portrays the older brother Gaku. As for their parents, Tae Kimura plays the role of their mother Yoko and Yosuke Eguchi is their father Soichi. Nobuko Miyamoto was cast as the powerful and mysterious grandmother Taki.  

Plot of House of Ninjas

The plot of House of Ninjas deals with the shadowy existence of ninjas and their continued allegiance to Japan in times of danger. The show follows the Tawara clan and their alienated, disillusioned existence. Despite being an adept ninja, Haru risked his family and let a great tragedy befall them when he let his kindness show instead of ruthlessness.  

Their family has been paying the price since, cloaked in grief and scattered distantly, despite having a strong and loving bond once. But now that a national danger looms in the face of Japan, the Tawaras must return and stop pretending to be “normal”, as they repeatedly try to assert in the trailer. House of Ninja promises to kick ass with thrilling action scenes, ninjutsu sequences, potent kills, and hopeful reconnection among estranged family members. 

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