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How Is That For A Monday: All you need to know about Sripal Sama’s Telugu-English film shot in the US

Kaushik Ghantasala, Candido Carter, Keagan Guy, and Megan Barlow play key roles in the film

How Is That For A Monday: All you need to know about Sripal Sama’s Telugu-English film shot in the US
How Is That For A Monday

Last Updated: 05.51 PM, Oct 25, 2023


The Telugu film industry, which is going through a glorious phase in terms of national and global acclaim and box office revenue, is more open to younger talent and newer voices than ever before. There’s a window for everyone to make a mark and reach out to their target audience through growing avenues. A vibrant indie film, shot in Telugu and English, How Is That For A Monday, is set to test its fortunes in theatres.

How Is That For A Monday, marking the directorial debut of Sripal Sama, is gearing up for a release on select screens this Friday. Kaushik Ghantasala, popular for his appearances in Men Too, Brochevarevarura, is a prominent face of the film, while Keegan Guy, Satya Yamini, Megan Barlow, Elester Latham, and Candido Carter too play important roles.


Sandhya Sama and Radhika Srinivas jointly produced the film, whose screenplay is co-written by Sripal Sama and Saipraneeth Gouravaraju. The film revolves around a fateful Monday that alters the course of the lives of a billionaire, a gang of amateur thieves, an old man, and an immigrant techie, while touching upon themes of racism and economic and social disparities on a satirical note.

The film was shot in just 16 and a half days, with the crew size as low as 3 people on some days. During its making, How Is That For A Monday had only a single person working on the direction and production teams. Owing to COVID-19 and budgetary limitations, Sripal Sama himself handled these roles.

One of the rare Telugu-English dual language films, the crossover film offers an insight into the lives of first-generation immigrants in the US (unlike most crossover films that deal with second- or third-generation immigrants). The film has an interesting mix of debutants and experienced artistes. Elester Latham, for instance, had worked in over 100 films.

Three-time Emmy Award winner Scott Wolf is the sound mixer, while the cinematographer, Rahul Biruly, and post-production supervisor, Sai Praneeth Gouravaraju, are first-timers. Scott Young, Robert Malcolm Cumming, Steve Delgado, Brock Horwitz, Trevor Powers, Sabrina Ariss, Joseph Covino, and Sai Karthik Movva are also part of the lineup.

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