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I really hope that Bastar The Naxal Story should act as an eye opener about Naxalism, says Adah Sharma | EXCLUSIVE

Actress Adah Sharma, who is now all set for her next film Bastar The Naxal Story, was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay

I really hope that Bastar The Naxal Story should act as an eye opener about Naxalism, says Adah Sharma | EXCLUSIVE
Adah Sharma in Bastar The Naxal Story

Last Updated: 11.56 PM, Mar 11, 2024


The very name of Adah Sharma needs no introduction now. Gone are the times when she was a newcomer in Bollywood without any proverbial Godfather to handhold her and put her onto the path of success. That way, it will just be right for us to call Adah Sharma a self-made woman. And this self-made woman, after having stunned everyone with her superb performance in The Kerala Story, is now all set to stun everyone once again with Bastar The Naxal Story, which releases this month. 

Adah Sharma, who is definitely the lady of the moment, was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay.


Adah, since the film Bastar The Naxal Story is totally about Naxalism, has the film touched upon the aspect of red corridor as well?
The film has definitely touched upon a lot of things. It has also touched on urban Naxalites. It also touched upon the Salwa Judum movement. There's a lot of it in the film. We have touched upon a lot of things that can be accommodated in a two-hour film.

Is your character single in the film or do you have a romantic angle/ love interest in the film?
There is no romance (laughs), but I do have a husband in the film. I am playing a young married woman. The equation between them is very nice. Here, I am the one who is going to war and the husband is at home. The entire film will make a person sit on the edge of the seat! Every scene will make a person go Oh My God, like what is going to happen!

The way The Kerala Story acted as an eye opener for ISIS and stuff, will Bastar The Naxal Story do the same for Naxalism?
I hope so. With the release of the trailer and all the feedback we've been getting, the film is definitely liking great. I hope the film will create awareness just like The Kerala Story did. I think we're getting a lot of positivity, and people are really liking it. And now with social media, I know that it's an organic trend. I am sure that people will surely like it and that the film will definitely generate a lot of curiosity.

People will surely want to know what's happening in our country that they didn't know about. Honestly speaking, I too, also didn't know a lot about these things, till the time I did the film. That’s why I am super confident when I say that the film will surely act as an eye opener.

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