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In old video, Subi Suresh blamed her poor health on bad eating habits: 'Eat food on time'

In old video, Subi Suresh revealed her health problems. 

In old video, Subi Suresh blamed her poor health on bad eating habits: 'Eat food on time'
Subi Suresh passed away at 41.

Last Updated: 06.48 PM, Feb 23, 2023


Popular television star and actor Subi Suresh passed away on Wednesday morning sending a shock wave across the Malayalam film industry. Many celebrities wrote lengthy condolences messages expressing their admiration for Subi's talent. The 41-year-old died of liver failure after being under the treatment for some time. 

In light of her death, an old video of Subi has resurfaced. In the vlog, Subi could be warning her viewers about the serious consequences of a bad lifestyle and poor eating habits. “Since I don’t have good habits like eating food and medicines on time, one day before a shoot I developed body and chest pain, and gastric problems. I was unable to eat food the day before as I was vomiting a lot. I drank tender coconut water, but I still vomited. I was tired as I was not able to eat for two days. I became very concerned. So I went to a hospital and took ECG and other tests," Subi said in the video, which was published on her YouTube channel six months ago. She made this video to inform her followers as to why she stopped making new videos for some time.

Subi said that the tests revealed that she had low potassium and she was sent home after advising a certain diet and medication. She revealed that, however, her busy work life made it difficult to follow the doctor's advice and take medications on time, which worsened her gastric problems. "People might say that I am money-minded. That's not the case. I was getting programmes after a long time. I am crazy about the opportunities that allow me to work. It's not about the money," she said. 

Subi noted that in her passion to work, she paid no heed to the advice from her mother and brother. She noted she didn't eat even when she felt hungry. "That was my bad habit," she said. 


She revealed she was not taking her thyroid medication properly. And her health took a turn for the worse. She said that she was admitted to the hospital for about 10 days as he was low on magnesium, potassium, and sodium. She was also treated for pancreas stones. Following this, she said, her health was getting better. 

 “Eat on time. Eat at least a small quantity of whatever you can find. Or eat things that you like. I am sharing this out of my experience," she said. 

Subi, however, didn't mention anything about her struggle with liver ailment. She passed away at a private hospital in Kochi before she could undergo liver transplantation. 

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