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Island ending explained - Will Won Mi-Ho and Van get their happy ending in this K-Drama?

The Korean fantasy drama Island pits three heroes – Van, Won Mi-Ho and Johan – against an ancient evil that's threatening the world. Here's how it ends….

Island ending explained - Will Won Mi-Ho and Van get their happy ending in this K-Drama?

Island K-drama

Last Updated: 08.40 PM, Jun 06, 2024


K-Drama Island takes viewers to the modern-day fantasy world in Jeju Island. This type of drama presents a classic battle between good and evil, featuring a demon slayer, a priest, a saviour, and a massive number of demon followers, who protect their lord and help him ruin the world. With this intriguing premise and captivating characters, Island surely fascinated the massive K-Drama fans.

Island plot

Won Mi-Ho, a spoiled brat, reigns as the sole heiress of Daehan Group, which is handled by her father.  However, her world turns upside down when she is fired from the position by her father due to her arrogance, and later she is transferred to Jeju Island as a punishment. There she must face some evil consequences of her past life. She must confront an evil demon, which once ruined the world. With the help of Van, a protector, who is half-human and half-evil, and a priest Johan; Mi-Ho must fight for the residents of Jeju Island.

Island K-drama
Island K-drama

How does Island end?

The K-drama takes several unexpected twists and turns towards the end. Mi-Ho finally finishes creating the barrier with her supernatural power and vanquishes the demon. But just when you expect to see a happy ending between Van and Mi-Ho, Van sacrifices his life and gets dragged into hell. Just when everything seems to be settled, the White Cloak Cult re-appears, manipulating Yeom-Ji to retrieve a hidden dagger. This final act sets the stage for a potential continuation of the drama.


Why the ending of Island is not satisfactory?

The last few minutes of Island might make you feel betrayed, after investing so much time to finally see some spark between Van and Mi-Ho. Their struggles and fighting for life will captivate you from the very beginning. Although the writers did not present any romantic moments between the two, some encounters between Van and Mi-Ho will surely raise your expectations.

Island K-drama
Island K-drama

Throughout the story, we get to see that Mi-Ho is the key to Van transforming into a whole human, filled with humanity. Even their determination has been so severe, that it looked like they could find a solution. But instead, Van sacrifices and dies at the end.

The whole drama, with 2 Seasons, heavily explores grief. The main characters all deal with loss. While Van mourns his humanity, Mi-Ho grieves her friend’s death, and Johan mourns his brother’s death. The story of Aṅgulimāla even hinted at potential redemption. However, a significant issue with the pacing can be seen in the character developments, which left the viewers unsatisfied.

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