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My Liberation Notes ending explained - Does the K-drama end on a hopeful note?

One of the highest-rated K-Dramas on Netflix, My Liberation Notes portrays the impact that Mr. Gu has on the lives of three siblings, especially Yeom Mi-Jeong.

My Liberation Notes ending explained - Does the K-drama end on a hopeful note?

My Liberation Notes

Last Updated: 09.13 PM, Jun 04, 2024


My Liberation Notes stands out as a gem in the Korean drama landscape due to its mastery of the slice-of-life genre. The drama unfolds at a deliberate pace, using subtle visuals to showcase the quiet beauty of everyday existence. This is further enhanced by the outstanding performances from Kim Ji-Won, Son Suk-Ku, Lee Min-Ki and Lee El.

My Liberation Notes plot

Three adult siblings - Yeom Gi-Jeong, Yeom Chang-Hee and Yeom Mi-Jeong – are tired of the monotony in their lives. Their lives, once vibrant with youthful dreams, have settled into a predictable routine. Deep inside, they crave a life infused with meanings, a liberation from their stifling routines. One day, they encounter Mr. Gu and soon form a special bond with him. Will the four of them be able to break free from this monotonous life, and begin writing their own stories?


My Liberation Notes – Does the K-drama end on a hopeful note?

My Liberation Notes wraps up with a heartwarming scene as Mr. Gu walks towards Mi-Jeong. This reunion after so many years gives a ray of hope about the beginning of a close connection between them. Although we can already say it's a pure happy ending, the last few minutes raise a question in everyone’s mind that will this newfound spark between Mr. Gu and Mi-Jeong blossom into a happily ever after?  

Do Mr. Gu and Mi-Jeong find their own liberation?

The conclusion of the drama comes across as a significant turning point. While the symbolic act of Mr. Gu saving the coin from disappearing down the drain hints at a potential transformation, it suggests a first step towards a normal life. The act can be interpreted as Mr. Gu’s realisation of his wrongdoings and how his life and health both were getting ruined due to alcoholism.

The writer beautifully uses this choice to hold onto something small like a coin as a metaphor for reclaiming control of his life, one choice at a time. However, the ending wisely acknowledges that overcoming addiction is a long and arduous process. It leaves the audience with a sense of cautious optimism, suggesting that Mr. Gu has embarked on a path towards liberation.

On the otHer hand, we see that Mr. Gu is the person who helped Mi-Jeong find her liberation. She finally began to fully enjoy her life and her job as well. She doesn't look sad and depressed anymore. Her strong feelings for Mr. Gu helped her overcome the dreadful time in her life. Mr. Gu has acted like a saviour for her. The final scene of them spending time together at his apartment is the ultimate answer of her happiness.

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