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Jaanu Jaanlewa OTT release date: Here's when the romantic thriller stream on ALTT

 The OTT details of Jaanu Jaanlewa are listed below. Scroll below to gather information.  

Jaanu Jaanlewa OTT release date: Here's when the romantic thriller stream on ALTT

A still from Jaanu Jaanlewa. 

Last Updated: 07.36 PM, Jun 07, 2024


Get ready as ALTT, the renowned OTT platform celebrated for its web shows unveiled the details of an upcoming spine-chilling thriller. Titled Janu Jaanlewa, this thriller is a story of murder and seduction. June 14, 2024, is the release date of the thriller. 

Jaanu Jaanlewa on OTT


The plot of the upcoming thriller Janu Jaanlewa centers on a married bank employee who has an extramarital affair with his longtime crush, a housekeeper in his home country. As fate would have it, he also gets falsely accused of committing a murder that he did not commit. Vikram Arora’s character is the focus of the show. He kills Jogi, Meera's husband's wife, and Manisha, the former housekeeper, to satisfy his sexual cravings. 

“Jaanu Jaanlewa. Mystery, suspense, and drama. Releasing on 14th June. A tale of love and danger. Jaanu Jaanlewa is coming soon to ALTT,” wrote the platform on its social media handles.  

Ankit Arora, Arya Tiwari, Simran Sachdeva, Abhay Shukla, and Anupam Sharma play important roles in Janu Jaanlewa. The public has responded favorably to the show's trailer, which was released recently. 

Simran Sachdeva and Ankit Arora in the thriller.
Simran Sachdeva and Ankit Arora in the thriller.

If you recall, the roles that actor Ankit Arora is most known for are Rukn'ud'din in Razia Sultan (2015) and Lakshman in Ramayan (2008-2009). In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (2015-2016), he portrayed Yuvraj Shushim Maurya. 

Also, in 2020 – during the Covid-19 pandemic, reports suggested that actress Simran Sachdeva quitted Colors’ TV show Choti Sarrdaarni. Actress Drishti Garewal reportedly took over for the television actress after the latter accused the production company of misbehavior and was compelled to accept a significant pay reduction. 

However, time flies and it is nice to see Ankit and Simran paired on screen together. If you wish to watch ALTT content, you can also subscribe to OTTplay and start your binge-watch session from the comfort of your homes.

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