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Jailer: Rajinikanth's fan from Japan is elated after he gears up to watch the film in Chennai

The actor has been an ardent fan of the Superstar for several years

Jailer: Rajinikanth's fan from Japan is elated after he gears up to watch the film in Chennai

Yasuda with Rajinikanth

Last Updated: 04.11 PM, Aug 10, 2023


For Yasuda Hidetoshi, a Japanese citizen, traveling all the way to Chennai has become a norm whenever the release of Rajinikanth's film is around the corner. He had expressed happiness some time ago when he booked a flight ticket to Chennai to watch the star's latest outing Jailer.

Today, his video of him gearing up to watch the movie in a theatre in Chennai has been doing the rounds on social media. He is accompanied by his wife and was seen talking to several YouTube channels even as onlookers were surprised by his excitement.

Yasuda at Jailer's FDFS in Chennai
Yasuda at Jailer's FDFS in Chennai

He mouthed a few dialogues from Baasha and Jailer, and spoke in Tamil during the conversation with YouTube channels. A few days ago, he met Rajini and posted the picture on his social media, leaving other fans thrilled. He also gifted a traditional towel from Japan to the Superstar.

Yasuda informed a while ago that the movie is releasing in the cities of Tokyo, Saitama, Nagoya and Kyoto in Japan tomorrow. For now, six shows have been scheduled for the film this weekend in the country.


It isn't sure whether Yasuda will catch up with another show of the film. He is expected to post his opinion on the movie on his social media page soon. The advance booking for Jailer in overseas markets has been humongous and a huge number is expected by today's end.

With sensational word of mouth coming in from Karnataka and Kerala, too, the movie is poised to amass extraordinary numbers this weekend from across the globe. The million dollar question is whether the film would be Rajini's biggest grosser in Tamil Nadu.

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