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John Cena hums Shah Rukh Khan’s Dil To Pagal Hai song in gym and netizens cannot keep calm

A recent video surfaced on Twitter, in which wrestler-cum-actor John Cena sings a hit song from Dil To Pagal Hai, after a special introduction as a “big Shah Rukh Khan fan”.

John Cena hums Shah Rukh Khan’s Dil To Pagal Hai song in gym and netizens cannot keep calm
John Cena and Shah Rukh Khan

Last Updated: 01.11 PM, Feb 18, 2024


John Cena needs no introduction. One of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, John Cena holds record as a 16-time world champion, as recognized by WWE. Cena has developed a massive fanbase, comprising of both wrestling fans and movie buffs, as the man can act as well. With fun roles in big projects like Barbie and Argylle, the star has also led films like Vacation Friends and Ricky Stanicky.  

John Cena belts out a Hindi Shah Rukh Khan number

However, his sweetness and appreciation of World Cinema is evident from his self-assertion that he is a big Shah Rukh Khan fan. Gurv Sihra, of the wrestling tag team The Bollywood Boyz, uploaded a video earlier today, featuring John Cena and him at the gym for their session. In the video, Sihra introduced John Cena as a “pretty big Shah Rukh Khan fan”.  

Cena responds with the endless possibilities one has in life when they choose the path of growth. And today, Cena is going to try a new path among the tons of way one can grow. And he will do so by trying his best to learn and sing a song. More specifically? A hit SRK song.

How the Internet reacted to Cena’s sweet performance

If the Internet could not keep calm over Nick Jonas aka the National ‘jijaji’ singing Maan Meri Jaan, then how could they resist not cooing and cheering at John Cena’s sincere appreciation of an iconic Shah Rukh Khan song. Most Indian fans were elated over the love and respect shown to Shah Rukh Khan by a Hollywood actor and professional wrestler, while others simply stated that stardom is synonymous with SRK.  

And one must admit Gurv Sihra has good taste, as without wasting time he picked the tune for the popular Dil To Pagal Hai song, Bholi Si Surat. And John Cena is also a rather diligent student with pretty nice Hindi pronunciation for an American from Massachusetts. He sang well for his first time singing in Hindi.

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