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Kaatera: Challenging Star Darshan defends V Harikrishna’s 70s style music

The two songs from Kaatera that have been released in the public domain have received mixed response

Kaatera: Challenging Star Darshan defends V Harikrishna’s 70s style music

Darshan and V Harikrishna 

Last Updated: 10.28 AM, Dec 20, 2023


Kaatera, which is Challenging Star Darshan’s next, is a period film set in the 70s. That is something that the actor wants audiences to remember with each and every bit of the film that is being put out ahead of the theatrical release. The team had started off with the first single, a song called Pasandaagvne, sung by Mangli, which attracted quite a bit of negative comments. Audiences were not thrilled by the composition, the vocal talent and the choreography, which seemed like a straight lift from Pushpa. While Darshan has not said anything about the latter two, he did step up and defend music director V Harikrishna.


“I saw a lot of comments about the music feeling old and so on and so forth. Well, that’s how it has to be, right? We have made a period film set in the 70s, so we can’t have contemporary tunes in it. People have to remember that. Moreover, this is not a film with songs randomly placed here and there. They are all situational and the first song doesn’t come until, say, 20 minutes into the film,” he says, adding, “Audiences should be patient and wait for the film before making comments about whatever little they have seen so far, whether it is in the songs or the trailer. You cannot judge the film based on the 5-10% you’ve seen.”

As for Kaatera, which is releasing in theatres on December 29, the Challenging Star says that director Tharun Kishore Sudhir and writer-filmmaker Jadesha K Hampi have written a story that will leave audiences teary-eyed and choking with emotion. “When audiences walk out of the theatre after watching Kaatera, it will take them at least 20-30 minutes to compose themselves,” he says. Based on the land reforms of the 70s, Kaatera, has been produced by Rockline Venkatesh and introduces veteran actress Malashree’s daughter Aradhanaa as leading lady.

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