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Kaatera: Doing justice to a star of Darshan’s calibre is a challenge, says Tharun Sudhir

Kaatera is Tharun's third collaboration with the Challenging Star

Kaatera: Doing justice to a star of Darshan’s calibre is a challenge, says Tharun Sudhir
Tharun Sudhir will reveal the title of the film on February 16

Last Updated: 01.11 PM, Sep 12, 2023


Challenging Star Darshan is known to favour filmmakers that he’s worked with before while planning his upcoming filmography. His upcoming Kaatera, is his third collaboration with Tharun Sudhir, although it is only the second full-fledged film. This is something OTTplay had spoken to the actor about during the promotions of Kranti, which was his second with director-composer V Harikrishna and Darshan had explained that his reluctance to work with newcomers stems from the fact that he needs filmmakers who will do justice to the subject and not worry about pandering to his star status. Newcomers, he reckons, will look at doing fan service and writing lines or sequences that may sound appealing to him, but may have a hidden jibe at a fellow actor, something that Darshan tries to avoid as far as possible. When working with known teams, these are not elements he has to worry about, he had said.


Tharun, though, says that despite having worked with the superstar earlier, it is still a major challenge writing a script that is befitting the star status of an actor like Darshan. Speaking at the first press briefing of Kaatera, Tharun said, “When you are working with someone like Darshan sir, as scriptwriters, you need to have the talent to write something into which you can fit in his immense talent. If he’s like an ocean and you have a box, you need to do the best with how much you can fit in that box. Just remember to deliver on what you’ve written.”

Reminiscing about his working experience with Darshan, Tharun spoke about how after the extended cameo in Chowkaa, when the actor was okay to do another film with him, he had to make sure that he does not make a misstep. “Darshan sir had trusted a newcomer filmmaker and I could not afford to lose that by doing an experimental film, which is why Roberrt became a commercial subject. But when he agreed to work with me for a third time, I got the confidence to attempt something different with him. Kaatera is a story set in the 70s that has been put together based on several real incidents that happened back then – it’s not just one event. We’ve tried to portray it as realistic as possible,” Tharun added.

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