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Kaathal The Core – 5 instances that we wish were explored more in Mammootty and Jyotika’s film

Kaathal The Core has been released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video. Here are the 5 instances from the Mammootty-Jyotika starrer that, we think, deserved to be told with a bit more detailing.

Kaathal The Core – 5 instances that we wish were explored more in Mammootty and Jyotika’s film

Kaathal The Core marked the first onscreen collaboration of Mammootty and Jyotika

Last Updated: 11.23 PM, Jan 08, 2024


Kaathal The Core, the family drama that hit theatres in November 2023, has emerged as one of the most acclaimed Malayalam films of recent times. The movie, which features Mammootty and Jyotika in the lead roles, was released today (January 5, 2024) on the renowned OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video. The Jeo Baby directorial has been receiving immense love from the audiences, especially the non-Malayali viewers who missed it in the theatres, since its OTT release.

The Mammootty starrer deserves all the praise for its stellar performances and the sensitive and poetic portrayal of a highly sensitive topic. Director Jeo Baby and his team have done a brilliant job creating a top-notch cinematic experience that is going to be remembered for a very long time.

However, there are some aspects of Kaathal The Core that deserve a bit more attention and detailing. Here we bring you 5 such instances from the film that deserve to be explored more. Have a look...

*Spoilers Ahead*

Mathew Devassy and Omana’s conflicts

Well, let’s be honest. It was quite strange and unrealistic to see Mathew Devassy and Omana not even having a single genuine argument, despite going through a divorce. Yes, they have deep love and respect for each other, and it is portrayed beautifully in many scenes (for instance, the sequence in which Mathew holds Omana’s purse when she enters the court’s chamber to give a statement against him) with conviction. 

Mathew’s uneasiness with his wife of 20 years is evident in many scenes, where she tries to hold his hands (in the kitchen while she congratulates him and after the prayer). There are many instances where she tries to talk to him, but he walks away in a hurry. However, if there was at least one scene in which Omana is seen conveying her emotions or suppressing sadness and anger towards Mathew, it would have made the film more relatable.


Omana – the character

Omana is a strong individual who has garnered the courage to stand up for herself over the years. She also motivates her husband to embrace his real individuality and sexuality and she even prepares their daughter for the same. However, we never get to see who Omana is as an individual. Barring a scene in which Omana’s brother drops some hints about her life before marriage (like her strained relationship with her father and her failed relationship with another man), we never get to know her as a person. Jyotika made Omana memorable with her exceptional performance, but we wish the character was a bit more explored.

Who is Thankan?

Thankan runs a driving school and does some other jobs for a living. He is also taking care of Kuttayi, the son of his sister. In many instances, we also get to know Thankan’s crippling loneliness and his longing for Mathew. He is seen going through all the backlash from society after the secret is revealed, while Mathew is treated by the people with more respect. But we never get to know him more. Sudhi Kozhikode makes the audience instantly connect with the character with his sincere performance. However, it was quite heartening to see Thankan sticking Mathew’s election poster on his wall at the end, covering the vulgar comment that was written about him.

Mathew and Thankan’s relationship

Certain dialogues between Mathew’s father, Devassy, and Omana suggest that his relationship with Thankan began at a young age. Maybe the duo grew up together and were childhood friends before falling in love with each other. It was mentioned that Mathew refused to go to Omana’s house to bring her back home after delivering their daughter because Thankan had met with an accident. It was even mentioned that Mathew takes Thankan to his father's estate at times to spend time with him. But still, we never get to see the bond on screen, barring a few instances where the duo is seen exchanging glances. Mammootty and Sudhi Kozhikode made even those minimal exchanges impactful with their performances. But we wish there were more.

Femi’s bond with Mathew and Omana

It is hinted that Omana was preparing their daughter, Femi (played by Anagha Maya Ravi), to accept her father’s truth for a very long time. The 19-year-old is shown to be very mature and sensible for her age. In a couple of scenes, Femi makes it clear that she supports her father’s truth and mom’s decision wholeheartedly. In the end, she is seen living with her father and motivating her mother to find a new partner. But if Femi and her dynamics with both Mathew and Omana and her perspective on their divorce were explored a little more, it would have made the film even more fulfilling to watch.

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