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Kaathal The Core Twitter reviews – ‘No one could have pulled this off like Mammootty did; he’s the GOAT’, declare audiences

Social media is abuzz with comments praising the absolutely stellar performance by Mammootty in a revolutionary piece of cinema - Kaathal: The Core

Kaathal The Core Twitter reviews – ‘No one could have pulled this off like Mammootty did; he’s the GOAT’, declare audiences
Mammootty in a still from the film

Last Updated: 01.26 PM, Nov 23, 2023


When the first half reports of Malayalam megastar Mammootty’s Kaathal: The Core came on social media, one thing was clear, the actor was serving up yet another masterpiece in acting with the Jeo Baby directed film. Now that the first shows of the film are done and audiences have had a moment to catch their breath and think of the story-telling they just witnessed onscreen, the overwhelming reaction is that no one but Mammootty could have pulled off the role in this revolutionary tale. Audiences have been wonderstruck at how he has been consistently presenting outstanding films, and roles, and pushing Malayalam cinema higher up on the pedestal it is on already. Kaathal: The Core, they say in unison, is an emotional rollercoaster with stellar performances by Mammotty and Jyothika.

Comments have been ranging from “Mammootty is the GOAT (Greatest of Them All); Jyothika gets career best role”, to Mammukka, you are in a league of your own. None could have pulled this off like the way you have done it, sir. This movie is a revolution on screen”, “Hats off to #Mammootty for his superb performance & choosing this film”, “Mammooka _ hitting centuries in all types of pitches like a real OG”, “Mammootty is the greatest there is, the greatest there was and the greatest there will ever be”, among others. Mammootty’s great performance, which was a given anyway, is closely followed by Jyothika as Omana, with Mathews Pulickan’s music a highlight that audiences have been pointing out.

Jeo Baby’s film, written by Paulson Skaria and Adarsh Sukumaran, has been in the news after reports emerged that the core of the film revolved around the protagonist’s sexual leaning. Progressive as that sounded, especially from an actor like Mammootty, at the time, audiences wondered if the film could do justice to a sensitive subject as such. While the reviews so far have steered clear of major spoilers, a few have mentioned that the synopsis that was doing the rounds is true and that the team has done an excellent job of presenting the same onscreen.

Kaathal: The Core is the fourth home production for the megastar and brings Jyothika back to Malayalam cinema after more than two decades. The film also stars Adarsh, Muthumani, Chinnu Chandni, Alex Alister, Anagha Akku, Lalu Alex, among many others.

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