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Katrina Kaif on Tiger 3: Every film has taken Zoya’s character a notch above, and she has fought harder, and it has been bloodier

Katrina Kaif elevates the bar for female action heroes in Tiger 3. The actor has teamed up with Salman Khan after four years.

Katrina Kaif on Tiger 3: Every film has taken Zoya’s character a notch above, and she has fought harder, and it has been bloodier
Katrina Kaif in a still from Tiger 3

Last Updated: 05.05 PM, Oct 30, 2023


Aditya Chopra has proven that Katrina Kaif, as Zoya from the Tiger franchise, the first female spy in the YRF Spy Universe, is every bit as capable as a guy. She is a spy who can go toe-to-toe with anyone in terms of strength, intelligence, and brutality.

Evolution of Zoya in the Tiger franchise

Katrina has brought Zoya to life in a way that is all hers, and the filmmakers have upped the ante with each new Tiger flick. The actor has enjoyed the challenge of performing groundbreaking stunts and action sequences that have never previously been seen in a film starring a female protagonist. Katrina will show that she has trained for almost 60 days in order to pull off the larger-than-life action sequences in Tiger 3, further expanding the action genre's boundaries.


In a statement, Katrina claimed that Tiger 3 proves that no woman is powerless when it comes to protecting her loved ones, her country, and the rest of humanity. Having a strong female protagonist like Zoya who can both care for others and defend them is crucial, and one of her favourite parts was playing the character.

Zoya: A powerful and fearless female protagonist

Also, Katrina loves how she can match anyone with her grit and courage. Her character is not afraid of a challenge, and she's just as capable as any male when it comes to taking charge. In addition, Zoya has her own distinct approach to action, and she can pull off complex action sequences with ease, like the one teased in the teaser. Her character faces a horde of foes, yet she takes on this battle by herself.

Katrina adores how YRF makes Zoya's character more badass in each movie. She has said that playing a spy is a dream come true, and she loves action as a genre. The actor wanted this to be a part of her legacy; therefore, she gives her all to the franchise at all times. Each new Tiger film raises the bar higher, making Zoya fight harder and spill more blood than the 'last'—that's the character's greatest strength, and she loves it.

Intense action preparation for Tiger 3

Katrina continues by saying that she spent at least two months doing action prep for Tiger 3. They aimed to make Zoya appear more agile, faster, and stronger. It was the most strenuous training she has had to endure professionally. When one sees the steps Zoya has taken, one may conclude that no woman has ever taken such a series of actions before. According to Katrina, executed by some of the best action teams in the world, she is super excited for audiences to see these sequences on the big screen.

Aditya Chopra and Maneesh Sharma's Tiger 3, which Chopra produced, will premiere on Diwali, Sunday, November 12. Salman Khan, the original super agent Tiger from the YRF Spy Universe, will act opposite Katrina once again.

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