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Keanu Reeves starrer Replicas to hit Lionsgate Play soon - Here's everything we know so far

Released in 2019, Replicas starring Keanu Reeves is a sci-fi thriller that is intense and intriguing. 

Keanu Reeves starrer Replicas to hit Lionsgate Play soon - Here's everything we know so far
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Last Updated: 08.19 PM, May 18, 2024


Keanu Reeves over the years has given us some of the most exciting movies to watch, and we are thankful. He is the man seeking revenge for his dog; he is trying to break the matrix, and when not doing that, he is rumoured to be making his Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCU debut in multiple parts, with Ghost Rider being the most demanded. But amid these, he is also the actor who does experimental movies that are not the quintessential tentpole movies that will bring him the same attention as being an assassin brings. 

One such movie that he starred in in the recent past is Replicas, an intense story of a man bringing his family to life from the dead through a very fascinating technology. The sci-fi drama is now re-releasing almost half a decade after its theatrical release, and that too on Lionsgate Play. Read on to learn everything about this update of the day.

Replicas On Lionsgate Play


Lionsgate Play has been on a streak of re-releasing movies that have had their theatrical release and some even a digital premiere. The latest was Copshop, which stars Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo in the leading roles. The platform is also serving a lot of original content and is even getting into making original IPs in India. The latest movie to be released on their platform is Replicas, and it has Keanu Reeves in the leading role.

As per the latest listings in the Coming Soon section of the Lionsgate Play app, the streamer has also included Keanu's Replicas. This means the 2019 movie will be dropping soon on the streamer. There is no date attached to the announcement, but if the nature of releases on the app is anything to go by, it may drop in June, as there is also Wanted Man, which has been in the pipeline for quite a while now. Only the streamer can solve the doubt.

About Replicas

Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Replicas is written by Chad St. John and is based on a story by Stephen Hamel. The sci-fi thriller is about a biologist, Will Foster, played by Keanu Reeves, who brings his wife and children back to life through the process of human cloning. His wife and children had died in a car accident. Alice Eve plays Keanu’s wife, Mona Foster, and Emily Alyn Lind and Emjay Anthony play his children. Thomas Middleditch and John Ortiz are also seen in the movie in key roles.

Replicas, once it is released on Lionsgate Play, will be available to watch with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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