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Kill teaser- Karan Johar goes for the ‘kill’ with this film; netizens hail Lakshya as the new action hero!

The teaser of Karan Johar’s Kill not just lives upto its title, but also has given rise to a new star on the horizon in the form of the debutante actor Lakshya!

Kill teaser- Karan Johar goes for the ‘kill’ with this film; netizens hail Lakshya as the new action hero!
Teaser of Kill

Last Updated: 08.35 PM, Apr 04, 2024


Karan Johar is one individual who really knows where to invest his money and time and on whom! After having invested his time and money in the ‘creation’ of yesterday’s stars and today’s superstars like Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and others, this time round, it’s the Bollywood debutante Lakshya, who stars in the upcoming film Kill.

Karan Johar goes for the kill with 'Kill'!

Speaking about the film Kill, Karan Johar just took to social media and posted the film’s teaser. The first few words which are bound to come out of the mouths of those who have seen it include ‘Oh My God!’ ‘Unbelievable’, ‘Outstanding’ to name a few.

"Namshkaar, krupaya yaatra ke liye tayaar rahein..."

The gripping teaser of the film starts off with a young couple hugging each other, which then, transcends intro a train journey with a lady making the traditionally customary announcement stating, “Namshkaar, krupaya yaatra ke liye tayaar rahein. Aapki yaatra surakshit, sukhad aur mangalmay rahe”. It’s during this voiceover the screen shows a girl being teased inside a train compartment by a gang of notorious men.

This is followed by the smashing entry of the film’s hero Lakshya, who not just bashes up the bad guys but also smashes them to pulp! This is probably for the first time ever in a teaser, wherein the action sequences are ‘choreographed’ to the beats of the background music and vice versa! After Lakshya beats the goons and reduces them to a pulp, there is a voiceover by the same lady who now announces, “Aapka ye safar romanchak rahein”.

After posting the edge of the seat teaser of the film ‘Kill’, Karan Johar captioned the same as, “One night. One train. One reason to…#KILL Presenting the #KILLTeaser, starring Lakshya, Raghav Juyal & Tanya Maniktala. Directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat. India theatrical release - 5th July. Warning: This film contains violent content which may be intense and disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised”.

No sooner the film’s teaser got released, in no time (and we are not joking even a bit, … absolutely in no time), the netizens who saw the teaser took to the comments section and just could not stop praising Karan Johar and his selection of a new superstar on the horizon in the form of Lakshya! While one netizen wrote, ‘Wow Karan Johar must invest more on new talent thn keep going again and again’, there was another who wrote, ‘New action hero born in bollywood industry’.

While another user wrote, ‘I meannn thissss isss a WOW’, a netizen commented, ‘Will be eagerly waiting for it ...’. Another user posted, Bhai bhai bhai, sare action vale bando ko fail kr dea aapne debut movie me Lakshya!’

As for the film, while it has directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, the film stars Lakshya, Raghav Juyal and Tanya Maniktala in the main leads. The film is being readied for a theatrical release on July 5.

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