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Kiran Rao on still being referred to as "Aamir Khan's wife" - 'If I didn’t have a very strong sense of self, I would have been depressed'

In a recent interview, Kiran Rao opened up about her identity beyond being Aamir Khan's "ex-wife."

Kiran Rao on still being referred to as "Aamir Khan's wife" - 'If I didn’t have a very strong sense of self, I would have been depressed'
Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao with their son Azad (Courtesy: David Poznic)

Last Updated: 02.31 PM, Feb 11, 2024


After getting married in 2005, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao split up in August 2021. The filmmaker who has been promoting her next film, Laapataa Ladies, has spoken up about how she had to correct people when they called her "Aamir Khan's wife" in a new interview. "Everybody sees her as a wife or an ex-wife," she continued, adding that she would have been depressed by being reduced to just a wife if her very strong sense of self hadn't protected her.

Kiran Rao's assertive identity amidst marital changes

Kiran, whose career started as an assistant director on Aamir's 2001 film Lagaan, revealed in an interview with Zoom that people still question her, even at the airport. "Are you married to Aamir Khan?" is a common question asked of her. Even if they don't recognise her, she has grown accustomed to the fact that they associate her immediately with Aamir. Kiran added that, but she will have to say "ex-wife" now. Since she has always had her own interests, friends, and life—all of which she has worked hard to cultivate—it doesn't annoy her. In her opinion, having personal space and maintaining one's personality are crucial for every married person.

The fact that Aamir is open to feedback and views Kiran as a collaborator on creative projects has made working with him at Aamir Khan Productions for Laapataa Ladies a pleasure, according to Kiran. It's encouraging because, even if everyone views her as a wife or ex-wife, she would have been depressed if her sense of self hadn't been so strong. Truthfully, though, the filmmaker finds it hilarious.

Family ties beyond marital boundaries

Kiran had previously spoken to The Week about her hopes for a closer relationship with Aamir and his family and whether or not they faced any obstacles. She stated that they are all inherently inclusive. On Monday nights, they all gather for dinner. All of the houses in their neighbourhood are part of the same housing society. Apart from Aamir, I also spend time with Aamir's ex-wife, Reena Dutta, and his cousin, Nuzhat. Kiran went on to say that one shouldn't let a divorce ruin these ties. They may have ended their relationship amicably, but Aamir and she are still very much a family. Their divorce was contentious, and despite the inevitable breakup of a marriage, the many years spent together should be recognised and appreciated.

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