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The Killer on Sony LIV - Who is the mastermind? Decoding the ending of the Korean drama

The Killer is now available to stream on Sony LIV in India. 

The Killer on Sony LIV - Who is the mastermind? Decoding the ending of the Korean drama
Still from The Killer on Sony LIV

Last Updated: 05.46 PM, May 09, 2024


The OTT space has allowed people to explore content beyond their language, opting for films from across the world and embracing subtitles. This has opened up markets for industries globally and motivated streaming platforms to invest in diverse content. One industry that has benefited significantly is the Korean film industry, which has now penetrated territories previously unimaginable. Sony LIV, a comparatively new player, is ensuring they are also in the game by bringing Korean content to India. 

The streamer has recently released a 2022 Korean movie that made a massive buzz upon its release in its home country. As we all now line up on the streaming platform to watch the film, those who have watched it are left pondering many questions that the ending raises.


The Killer on Sony LIV is a thriller that is quickly finding an audience, and we are happy about it. However, what has left everyone confused is who the mastermind is behind the wrath that unfolds in the film. We all have so many questions about this, don't we? So in today's article, we thought of answering some of those questions by explaining the end and decoding the mastermind behind the entire chaos laid out in the course of the film. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

Who is the Mastermind in The Killer?

If you remember, Bang Ui tells Detective Lee that the only thing that can make him keep quiet about Lee's dirty dealings is if Lee tells him everything about the mafia who were behind Yoon-ji. It is then revealed that the mastermind is someone named Park Hyung-joo, a prominent politician and the Central District Court Chief Justice. It is also revealed that Yoon-ji’s mother, who is Bang Ui’s wife’s best friend, is actually her stepmother and has connections with Park Hyung-joo. Bang now knows he has to take revenge and goes to an old contact to get himself a sniper rifle with a silencer. On the day of the attack, he takes Lee’s help and heads to Park’s house. He arrives to find that Park is exploiting young girls like Yoon-ji, and his men are ready to fight him.

In a significant twist, Detective Lee ditches Bang and sides with Park Hyung-Joo, but neither is aware that Bang is a trained hitman. He beats everyone to a pulp, including Lee, and then confronts Park Hyung-joo, who reveals that it was Pig Mama who was giving information about Yoon-ji. And Pig Mama is none other than Yoon-ji’s stepmother. It was always her, trying to push Yoon-ji into the dark alleys of prostitution. Bang kills Park Hyung-joo and moves on.

The Killer Ending Explained

In The Killer's climax, we see Bang Ui trying to save his wife, who is with Yoon-ji’s stepmother. He arrives to find Pig Mama in the car and finishes her off. While Yoon-ji is now with him and his wife, there is still a risk that the gang may return to claim her custody as she has no guardian. But as Bang and Hyeon have no children of their own, they decide to become her parents and live happily.

You can watch The Killer on Sony LIV with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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