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Kotabomalli PS actor Srikanth - ‘I’d asked Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar to run slowly’

Kotabomalli PS is the Telugu remake of the Malayalam hit Nayattu

Kotabomalli PS actor Srikanth - ‘I’d asked Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar to run slowly’
Kotabommali PS team celebrates success

Last Updated: 01.49 PM, Nov 25, 2023


Kotabommali PS, the Telugu remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Nayattu, has begun well at the box office after glowing reviews and feedback from audiences. Teja Marni directed the film that starred Srikanth, Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar in key roles. Commemorating the response, a success meet was held today in the presence of the cast and crew.


At the event Srikanth thanked the media for appreciating his film and for comparing his performance to Khadgam and Operation Duryodhana. “You need guts to make a film like Kotabommali PS, more so when it’s a remake of an award-winning Nayattu. Be it Pellam Oorelithe, Pelli Sandadi or Sarrainodu, Geetha Arts gave me one of the biggest hits in my career,” he shared.

Srikanth further added, “I have not received such amazing feedback for any of my films recently. I initially thought it would be very difficult for me to match up to the original but Bunny Vasu gave me the confidence to approach it in my own style. Moreover, director Teja Marni extracted performances smartly, he is a fine technician and will make it big. He corrected me whenever I went overboard.”

On a lighter note, Srikanth said it was difficult catching up with Rahul, Shivani while running. “I had purposely asked them to run slowly. The rest, I could manage. They really made us work hard. I was shocked by the controlled performance of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the climax.” Director Teja said that the success proves that good cinema will always find its due.

“It’s great to see collections getting better with every show. If Allu Aravind appreciated me after Johaar over a phone call, I took my first pay cheque from Bunny Vasu. They trusted me with it despite the commercial failure of my second film. The producers went to great lengths to take the film to audiences,” Teja Marni stated. Nayattu, the film that inspired Kotabommali PS, can be watched on Netflix.

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