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Here are the films on Manorama Max which deal with protagonists in search of truth and justice

Here are the films on Manorama Max where protagonists take investigation into hands for their loved ones

Here are the films on Manorama Max which deal with protagonists in search of truth and justice
Posters of Run Baby Run and Raakilipaatu

Last Updated: 03.58 PM, Apr 04, 2024


A committed police officer or investigative officer is not the only person who relentlessly pursues the truth; civilian heroes are frequently involved as well. They often travel this path in order to obtain the justice they are due, but other times it is because they are determined to prove their innocence or the innocence of those they love.

This is a list of Manorama Max films where the main characters look for justice or the truth for themselves or their loved ones.



Thira by Vineeth Sreenivasan is a contemplative investigation in which the main characters search for and rescue a group of girls who were abducted for the purpose of sex trafficking. For the iconic actress of Malayalam, Shobana, it is a must-watch. Additionally, Dhyan Sreenivasan, making his film acting debut, gave a convincing performance in this film.


Theevram narrates the tale of Harsha, a budding musician whose wife Maya is killed. Harsha takes matters into his own hands by tracking down the murderer and punishing them severely when the law fails to bring justice to him. The movie tells its story in a distinctive way and has its own captivating moments. In this thriller, which also stars Sreenivasan and Vinay Forrt, Dulquer Salmaan plays Harsha.

Run Baby Run

Together, cameraman Venu and journalist Renuka look into a story about a prominent politician named Bharathan Pillai, who is suspected of planning a murder. Pillai lost his notoriety after Venu and Renuka exposed a scam involving him. The main plot point is how Renuka and Venu expose Bharathan Pillai once more while risking their lives. In this gripping drama, Mohanlal and Amala Paul are the main characters.


At their college, Radhika and Josooty are best friends. One day, Radhika tells her aunt she is in love with Ramesh in order to get out of an arranged marriage. However, after a man named Ramesh is slain, Radika is named as a suspect, and the girls set out to uncover the real murderer and discover the truth. Priyandarshan directed this 2007 film.

Rani: The Real Story

In the border town of Dharmapuram, a retired police officer looks into the case of a housemaid who is being falsely accused and set up for the high-profile murder of the influential MLA Dharmarajan. She is being fiercely defended by the three families that she works for. Indrans appears as the former police officer Bhasi, and Bhavana as well as Urvashi play pivotal roles in Rani: The Real Story.

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