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From Karl Lagerfeld to Giorgio Armani: Explore the untold stories of fashion legends on DocuBay

Dive into the glamorous world of designers with DocuBay's riveting documentaries, unveiling fashion icons.

From Karl Lagerfeld to Giorgio Armani: Explore the untold stories of fashion legends on DocuBay
Karl Lagerfeld: An Intimate Portrait; Discovering Giorgio Armani

Last Updated: 03.46 PM, May 04, 2024


Take a mesmerising journey into the glamorous and enigmatic world of fashion with the riveting documentaries now available on DocuBay (also on OTTplay Premium). From personal profiles of legendary designers like Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace, and Karl Lagerfeld to explorations of timeless fashion mainstays like denim, each video provides a distinct perspective on the evolution of style, culture, and creativity. Explore the lives, inspirations, and legacies of fashion's most significant personalities, revealing the untold stories behind their revolutionary designs and long-lasting impact on the global fashion scene.

Join us as we delve into the complexities of the fashion industry, shedding light on its enormous impact on art, society, and self-expression.

Chasing Beauty


Chasing Beauty is a unique opportunity to see the fascinating and intricate modelling industry. The glossy covers of magazines like Glamour and Vogue conceal the unfiltered, seldom-discussed realities of what it takes to be a top model. Chasing Beauty takes a look at how the beauty industry affects young people's self-esteem and mental health.

Discovering Calvin Klein

Since the 1960s, why has Calvin Klein become a byword for seductive style? See how his denim and knickers rose to fame as he left his imprint on the fashion world.

Discovering Gianni Versace

Lyndy Saville's documentary, Discovering Gianni Versace, follows the life and career of the legendary fashion designer. Many famous people, like Tina Turner, Princess Diana, Madonna, and Elton John, have loved Versace's designs. In 1978, Gianni Versace's clothing brand was introduced in Milan, Italy, catapulting Reggio di Calabria, an Italian-born designer, to stardom as one of the most prominent fashion houses of the '80s and '90s.

Discovering Giorgio Armani

The documentary Discovering Giorgio Armani sheds light on the legendary Italian fashion designer's life and career. This documentary chronicles Armani's life, from his humble beginnings as a sales associate in a Milanese department store to his meteoric climb to fashion icon status. It explains his design approach, which stood in sharp contrast to the rigid, regimented designs of the day by prioritising ease and subtle elegance. In addition to exploring Armani's designs, the documentary also delves into their cultural impact.

Discovering Stella McCartney

Follow Stella McCartney's incredible career trajectory as she becomes one of the most famous and controversial fashion designers of all time. At her 1995 college graduation, supermodel pals Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss modelled her garments, launching her career. Find out how, despite being the daughter of Paul McCartney, she left her imprint and forged her own path.

Jeans: A Faded Blue Planet

During an eBay auction in 2000, a pair of jeans dating back to the 1880s fetched $46,532, highlighting the ageless and stylish nature of this garment that was nearly 150 years old. Not only have jeans endured, but they have also entered the realms of politics, music, art, and sexuality. Early marketing, the rise of the Internet, the Cold War, and globalisation all went smoothly for them. Their enduring appeal raises the question: For what reason?

Karl Lagerfeld: An Intimate Portrait

Karl Lagerfeld, who is among the world's most famous people, was probably the most well-known German back in the day. Thanks to his ponytails and shades, Karl Lagerfeld has gained global recognition. Despite this, there is a lack of information regarding Karl Lagerfeld as a person—the man behind the mask. How did he behave? Why did he feel motivated? Who or what was hiding behind those renowned spectacles? This movie has the answer.

Lagerfeld: The Kaiser of Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent became bitter rivals in 1954 when Karl, then 21 years old, received first prize for coat design and Yves, at 18 years old, won first prize for best suit design. Following Christian Dior's death, Yves Saint Laurent's offer of the chief position at Dior only made matters worse. In response, Lagerfeld said that he hated haute couture and instead focused on creating clothes for regular people to wear. For Chloe, Fendi, and his namesake label, the icon made airy dresses with daring motifs and sported shows no one could have imagined. Learn about the extraordinary life and work of the man who left the world of fashion shows in February 2019 with a gaping hole in his legacy.

Oh, Dior!

The renowned couturier, who revived Parisian fashion with the 'New Look', also transformed post-war French haute couture. Departing from dreary wartime minimalism, Christian Dior introduced innovative feminine designs when he started his fashion house. Following his death in 1957, the House of Dior continued his innovative style, which continues to inspire new periods of fashion.

Passion for Fashion

Coats, boots, and cardigans were all born out of the need to keep out the elements during battle. The rebirth of military-inspired fashion is now Burberry's monopoly! In the past, fashion labels employed famous people to advertise their wares. Look at them now; they're turning into fashion designers! Discover some intriguing events that caught the attention of the fashion industry.

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