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Love Wins All - BTS V's Instagram sparks excitement among ARMY, leaves fans curious about 'Tae Joon' and 'Ji Hye'

BTS' Kim Taehyung aka V and IU have posted glimpses from behind the scenes of their MV 'Love Wins All'.

Love Wins All - BTS V's Instagram sparks excitement among ARMY, leaves fans curious about 'Tae Joon' and 'Ji Hye'
BTS Kim Taehyung and IU

Last Updated: 01.10 PM, Jan 29, 2024


After the successful release of IU's latest pre-single "Love Wins All" which stars BTS' Kim Taehyung aka V in the music video, ARMY and Uaena - the two fandoms have not managed to keep calm about how beautiful the storyline was and how the two singers fit perfectly together for the tragic love story.

While fans are still reeling from the MV, the two idols have posted glimpses from behind the scenes. Recently, Taehyung took to his Instagram account and posted some pictures showcasing images from the MV's popular "photobooth" scene which has been the most viral part of the video.

However, what intrigued fans was that V referred to two names in the caption: Tae Joon and Ji Hye. He captioned the fun-loving and beautiful pictures as "Tae Joon and Ji Hye. I hope you're both happy".

So who exactly are Tae Joon and Ji Hye?

These names stem from a devoted IU fan whose Instiz (Korean app about celebrities) post gained massive traction not too long ago. Soon after the MV dropped and witnessing the chemistry between the two idols, the fan expressed a sense of disconnect, no longer seeing it as IU and V but seeing the two as characters who are passionately in love and are battling against the forces of evil that was represented by a cube.

Intriguingly, the fan even clarified that, in their imagination, the couple's names are 'Tae Joon' and 'Ji Hye', though the reason behind this remains inexplicable.

The user wrote, "I see them as Ji Hye and Tae Joon from the music video. (I don’t know them, but in my mind, that’s what their names are.) Just looking at the pictures breaks my heart. You know what I mean?"

The post garnered an overwhelming amount of attention, resonating with thousands of BTS and IU fans who found themselves similarly captivated by the MV — and even by the names Tae Joon and Ji Hye. And surely it looks like the name has reached the source as V used them in the caption of the photos. 

Leaving the MV, what is BTS' V up to?

Currently, V is serving in the South Korean military after enlisting on December 11, 2023. He is anticipated to complete his service and return in June 2025. Following his five-week combat training, he progressed to the next phase of his military service, moving on to the Army General Administration School. Reports from AllKPop state that the star will undergo specialized training with the Counterterrorism Unit (SDT). 

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