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Luv Ki Arrange Marriage – Sunny Singh and Avneet Kaur or Supriya Pathak and Annu Kapoor, makers tease who gets married

Watch Luv Ki Arrange Marriage to find out if Sunny Singh-Avneet Kaur or Supriya Pathak-Annu Kapoor got married

Luv Ki Arrange Marriage – Sunny Singh and Avneet Kaur or Supriya Pathak and Annu Kapoor, makers tease who gets married
Luv Ki Arrange Marriage

Last Updated: 01.02 PM, Jun 15, 2024


Luv Ki Arrange Marriage is finally out on Zee5 and OTTplay Premium, and the movie has left one of the biggest questions, who out of Sunny Singh-Avneet Kaur and Supriya Pathak-Annu Kapoor get married? The posters released revealed that they are both couple, but it so happens that Supriya and Annu play the role of Sunny and Avneet’s parents in the movie. This means that only one of them can get married. In a new promo unveiled by the makers, we see them give us a hint about who gets married in the film, or do they?

Sunny Singh-Avneet Kaur

Sunny Singh’s Luv had gone for an arranged marriage setup with Ishika (Avneet Kaur). She however did not choose him, like all the men she has rejected. However, with a twist of fate, Luv and Ishika fall in love and think about their wedding.

Supriya Pathak-Annu Kapoor-Rajpal Yadav

Just as the couple thinks about their wedding, Supriya Pathak’s Priya and Annu Kapoor’s Prem realize that they were childhood lovers. Now, they want to get married as well. The two take the decision to wed since their children have anyway rejected each other. The problem is, Rajpal Yadav’s Pyaare is in love with Priya and like in his childhood, she was taken away once again thanks to Prem. Now, Pyaare wants revenge. Luv, who cannot let go of Ishika, wants to help Pyaare plot that revenge, only to realize that his father is happy with Priya and thus, Pyaare should look elsewhere.

So, who gets married?

Luv Ki Arrange Marriage
Luv Ki Arrange Marriage

The images in the new motion poster released reveal images of both the couples. Ishika is ready to be married but only as revenge for what Luv did. Of course, she’s not in the wedding dress for Luv (or is she?) Meanwhile, Priya and Prem’s haldi ceremony sets off and she sees a new side to him – the casanova side which Luv had been talking about in the trailer. Who will win? Watch Luv Ki Arrange Marriage, streaming on Zee5 and OTTplay Premium now, to find out who wins in this battle of weddings.

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