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Maamla Legal Hai Season 2 announcement - Netflix greenlights Ravi Kishan-led courtroom comedy

Renewing for Season 2, Netflix's hit comedy series Maamla Legal Hai continues its courtroom hilarity!

Maamla Legal Hai Season 2 announcement - Netflix greenlights Ravi Kishan-led courtroom comedy
Maamla Legal Hai

Last Updated: 12.05 PM, Apr 04, 2024


Maamla Legal Hai has surged to the top of the charts since its recent launch, becoming the most watched series and film in India for four weeks in a row and maintaining a consistent position in the top ten. Fans were demanding more, so Netflix confirmed the title would be returning for a second season.

Fan expections and character speculations

"V.D. Tyagi (Ravi Kishan) ko justice mein kick milegi ya nahi?" is something that fans are asking as they impatiently await the return of their beloved characters. When will Sujata Didi's (played by Nidhi Bisht) AC Chamber debut? Are we going to see Ananya Shroff (Naila Grewal), the one who consumes charcoal and water, keep fighting for justice and truth? Finally, with his clever ideas and funny one-liners, how can Vishwas Pandey (Anant V. Joshi), Donna of Patparganj District Court, navigate the courtroom dynamics? What else can we say? Keep watching!

Check out the announcement below:


Netflix India's perspective on comedy genre triumphs

Tanya Bami, head of series at Netflix India, commented on the season announcement, saying that they are enjoying sharing so many laughs with our audiences. The comedy genre has had back-to-back huge successes in just the first three months of 2024. The Great Indian Kapil Show and Maamla Legal Hai have enchanted members worldwide, not just in India. It says a lot about how they are exploring and giving life to new concepts and places across all of their shows. It is so satisfying for them when every title receives such clear affection. With new adventures and problems for their Patparganj lawyers to face in season two of Maamla Legal Hai, they are eagerly anticipating its release.

In response to the Season 2 announcement, Sameer Saxena, the show's executive producer and showrunner, expressed his hope that the audience would respond to Maamla Legal Hai due to its genuineness. The tremendous response, praise for the show's humour, and admiration for the acting and friendship of their actors have left them in awe. Working with Netflix allows them the pleasure of bringing these stories to life—the ones that have broad appeal. They can't wait for Season 2 to continue their journey through the halls of Patparganj District Court, bringing to life more cases and exciting new antics.

Posham Pa Pictures' Maamla Legal Hai season 2 promises to be even more exciting than the first. The new season will have more bizarre cases, legal mayhem, and hilarious antics.

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