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Mansoor Ali Khan refuses to apologise for his crass comment about Trisha, threatens Nadigar Sangam instead

The actor also said that the Nadigar Sangam has committed a grave mistake in the Trisha issue

Mansoor Ali Khan refuses to apologise for his crass comment about Trisha, threatens Nadigar Sangam instead
Mansoor Ali Khan

Last Updated: 01.03 PM, Nov 21, 2023


It looks like the Mansoor Ali Khan controversy is not going to die anytime soon. The Leo actor held a press meet earlier in Chennai to air his views on the controversy. Mansoor Ali Khan had earlier said that he was upset that he didn't have a rape scene with Trisha in the Lokesh Kanagaraj film. With Trisha lashing out at the actor over his crass comment, the issue has now snowballed into a huge controversy

Mansoor Ali Khan says he won't apologise
Speaking to the media at a press conference today, the actor said that he didn't say anything wrong and that there was no need to apologise. "Why should I apologise? I am part of the industry. What is a rape scene in cinema? Does that happen for real? Even murder scenes are now played by the heroes themselves. When Kamal Haasan sir or Suriya commits a murder everyone applauds. Again, rape scenes in cinema are not real. Doesn't the Nadigar Sangam know about this?"

Mansoor Ali Khan threatens Nadigar Sangam
Mansoor Ali Khan also said that Nadigar Sangam has committed a grave mistake on their part by not asking for an explanation from him in the controversy and instead threatening to suspend him. He said that he was going to file a case against him

 "They should send a notice and ask for an explanation. Can Nadigar Sangam do this? I will give four hours to Nadigar Sangam. They should rescind the statement sent yesterday. Nadigar Sangam has committed a Himalayan blunder. They have asked me to apologise. I am not someone who asks for an apology. "

He added, "I called Nasser (president) and Vishal (Secretary). Both didn't pick up their phones. When I called Karthi (treasurer), he asked me to talk to Poochi Murugan, but he was not answering either. Do I look like an unclaimed dead body? I am getting ready for a political battle. I am being very patient. If I burst out, no one will be able to withstand my fury." He added that the entire Tamil Nadu was behind him and that they knew the truth.

Mansoor Ali Khan disrespects the National anthem
Towards the end of the press meet, the actor got mired into yet another controversy, after he disrespected the National Anthem. When the reporters called him out for his behaviour, he said that he was standing up and singing the anthem and that that was good enough.

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