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Marry My Husband - You won't believe Park Min-young and Na In-woo's secret connection! Actress spills shocking similarity with Kang Ji-won | CHECK OUT

K-Drama Marry My Husband ranks the top spot of Most Searched Drama Show on Streaming Platforms on Google

Marry My Husband - You won't believe Park Min-young and Na In-woo's secret connection! Actress spills shocking similarity with Kang Ji-won | CHECK OUT

Park Min-young from Marry My Husband

Last Updated: 09.55 PM, Feb 13, 2024


Park Min-young's Marry My Husband has become a K-drama phenomenon since its January debut. Surpassing Song Kang's latest popular drama - My Demon, it currently reigns as the #1 Most Searched Drama Show on Google. Similar to the gripping revenge saga of Song Hye-kyo's The Glory (2022), Marry My Husband masterfully hooks viewers with its intriguing plot. Each episode unfolds with shocking twists and turns, keeping fans guessing about more betrayal, second chances, and vengeance.

With the online buzz surrounding Marry My Husband reaching extreme anticipations, we reveal some exclusive surprises. Before we have discussed Na In-woo and Song Ha-yoon’s some interesting revelations about the K-Drama, now we have come up with Park Min-young’s secrets. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Min-young talked about several topics, including her relationship with Na In-woo and her finding similarities with her character, Kang Ji-won.

Park Min-young's revelations about her transformation

Park Min-young unveiled the depth of her preparation for Kang Ji-won, revealing a highly demanding physical and emotional transformation. Beyond the noticeable change in her appearance, she shared that portraying a cancer patient required intense mental preparation. The 37-year-old actress confessed to dedicating a staggering eight months to fully embody the role, a commitment that even surprised her as well!

Park Min-young's judgment on Na In-woo

Park Min-young initially judged Na In-woo as rough and tough, which made her assume perhaps he is influenced by his previous roles. However, her co-star shattered this image as they kept working together in the drama. According to her, In-woo is actually like a cute puppy. He actually has a hidden warmth and playful nature in himself. Interestingly, the opposite applied to Lee Yi-kyung. While his on-screen character is villainous, the actor himself is an absolute sweetheart, and a comedic masterclass. This unexpected duality adds another layer of curiosity to their on-screen connection that surely keeps audiences guessing both on and off the set.

Park Min-young reveals her similarities with Kang Ji-won

While talking about her similarities with Kang Ji-won, Park Min-young shared that stepping outside of her comfort zone was crucial. This character, defined by timidity and victimisation, presented a stark contrast to her usual office romance roles. She yearned to delve into a different emotional landscape, to explore the complexities of reclaiming power.

Kang Ji-won's complex characterization, blending empathy with a pursuit of justice, has resonated with audiences, making her a popular figure. Traditionally, female leads in Asian dramas have often been portrayed as one-dimensional like - kind-hearted, innocent, introverted, clumsy, and reliant on male characters. However, Kang Ji-won defies these stereotypes, showcasing a sophisticated woman who takes agency in her own narrative. This shift towards female characters who are self-reliant and determined is a welcome change, and with the massive amount of viewership, it's clear that audiences are loving it.

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