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Marry My Husband - Jung Su-min would still betray Kang Ji-won even if she went to the past? | CHECK OUT Song Ha-yoon's statement

Despite shifts in search rankings, Marry My Husband maintains its top spot as the most-searched show on Google

Marry My Husband - Jung Su-min would still betray Kang Ji-won even if she went to the past? | CHECK OUT Song Ha-yoon's statement

Song Ha-yoon and Park Min-young in Marry My Husband

Last Updated: 08.29 AM, Feb 07, 2024


Park Min-young's Marry My Husband has taken the internet by storm since its January premiere, becoming the #1 romantic K-drama on Google and surpassing Song Kang's latest hit, My Demon. Much like Song Hye-kyo's revenge drama, The Glory (2022), Marry My Husband keeps audiences hooked with its thrilling twists and turns in every episode, swirling with a suspenseful tale of betrayal, second chances, and revenge.

With the online buzz surrounding Marry My Husband reaching a fever pitch, we reveal some exclusive surprises. Remember how we previously explored Na In-woo's fiery defence of Park Min-young against Lee Yi-kyung's jerk-like behaviour? This time, we are diving deep into Song Ha-yoon's unique perspective on the drama.

What did Song Ha-yoon say about her negative role?

Well, Jung Soo-min is currently the most hated character among K-Drama fans. The character is played by Song Ha-yoon. Recently, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Ha-yoon discussed the character's choices and motivations, even suggesting that Soo-min would have repeated her betrayal even after she had been sent to the past instead of Kang Ji-won. 

She further stated that Soo-min's flaws and struggles are central to the drama's exploration of complex relationships and the consequences of difficult decisions. Ultimately, the character's journey serves as a warning and an opportunity for viewers to reflect on their own choices.

When she was asked why she chose a negative role, Song Ha-yoon stated that she wanted a role that people would notice, so she chose to play the villain in the drama. She was tired of playing good characters that weren't very interesting. The bad character, Jung Soo-min, is really making people remember her, just like she wanted. Song Ha-yoon even enjoys playing the different sides of Jung Soo-min, like being sweet one minute and then causing trouble the next.

Relationship between Park Min-young and Song Ha-yoon

When questioned about the real-life relationships between her and co-stars Park Min-young, Na In-woo, and Lee Yi-kyung, the 37-year-old actress emphasised the show's impact on the cast. She explained that Marry My Husband holds a special place in everyone's hearts, leading them to deeply connect with their characters, which blurs the lines between on-screen and off-screen personas.

Song Ha-yoon talked about Jung Soo-min's struggles

Song Ha-yoon further delved into her portrayal of Jung Soo-min, highlighting the character's emotional struggles. Describing Jung Soo-min as someone unfamiliar with love and constantly burdened by challenges, and lastly marrying Park Min-hwan, Ha-yoon expressed that perhaps leaving the character alone, free from romantic entanglements, would have been better.

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