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Migration OTT release date – Here's when to watch the fun, quacking adventure of a duck family on THIS platform

Migration OTT release date – The hit Illumination production, directed by Benjamin Renner, is voiced by the starry likes of Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Danny DeVito & Awkwafina.

Migration OTT release date – Here's when to watch the fun, quacking adventure of a duck family on THIS platform
A still from Migration trailer

Last Updated: 09.17 PM, Feb 06, 2024


Benjamin Renner directed, and Illumination produced Migration released theatrically in the United States on December 22, 2023, before dropping in Indian theatres on December 29, and running still in select theaters. This box-office hit aroused mostly positive reviews from viewers and critics alike, excepting a few criticisms about its weak and unoriginal plot.

OTT release date and streaming partner of Migration in India

And Migration is now finally ready to premiere on OTT. The film will be released on BookMyShow Stream on February 9, 2024. With a run-time of 83 minutes, Migration promises a full-fledged adventure exploring a lesser-traversed terrain . Using the metaphor of anthropomorphic ducks, director Renner makes viewers confront the fears of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, an odyssey in itself for many.


Cast of Migration

Vocally starring Kumail Nanjiani as anxious duck daddy Mack, Elizabeth Banks as outgoing duck mother Pam, while Casper Jennings and Tresi Gazal are roped in for the roles of children Dax and Gwen respectively. Other than the Mallard family, Keegan Michael Key stars as the homesick macaw Delroy, while Awkwafina is the tough leader of NYC pigeons, Chump, and Danny DeVito is the cranky Uncle Dan.

Migration Plot and its contents

Migration traces the story of the Mallard family and their quack-ilicious misadventures in their attempts to foray out of their comfort zone and zing up their lives. While Mack prefers being cozy at home, the rest of his family is restless to see the world.

A migrating group of birds’ quick stop for rest at their residence and their travel stories incite a vigorous wanderlust in them, excluding Mack, of course. Eventually convinced by the family, Mack, Pam and their troop set flight for Jamaica. But if only it were so easy for equally unguided first-time migratory birds and rarely adventurous humans.

The film follows the family’s hilarious antics, from stopping for a quick, wayward poo, to escaping the villainous, muscular, Salt Bae-esque Chef. If the latter is not enough, throw a rough group of New York City ruffian pigeons and a thunderstorm into the mix, and you get the perfect family road trip.

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