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Missing Ending explained - here's what happens in the climax of the screenlife thriller

Missing is now streaming on Sony LIV and here's the ending explained for you. 

Missing Ending explained - here's what happens in the climax of the screenlife thriller
Missing Ending Explained

Last Updated: 07.28 PM, May 24, 2024


The world was certainly not ready for the idea that filmmakers Will Merrick and Nick Johnson brought with their 2018 film Searching. The novelty is debatable, but they certainly brought the Screenlife genre into the spotlight, and all of us were obsessed with the idea. Everything was on screens—phones, CCTV, laptops, televisions, and so on. There is no direct visual of a character, and that makes the entire concept interesting. While the world was busy experimenting with this newly found genre, the makers of Searching came up with a sequel to their 2018 film in 2023. Titled Missing, the movie this time around was about a daughter trying to find her mother who disappears into thin air. 

Missing on Sony LIV


Missing, just like its predecessor, explores various themes: violence, domestic violence, the role of social media, and a world increasingly surrendering to the Internet, which has as many cons as pros. The movie managed to be one of the most experimental films of the year. It has now dropped on Sony LIV in India, and viewers here can access it with their OTTplay Premium subscription. It is a story about June and her mother, Grace, who have a somewhat complex relationship. So we thought of simplifying the ending for you.

Missing Ending Explained

Now, we assume you are reading the ending explained after you have seen the film. If you haven't, head back, buddy. In the climax sequence of Missing, we see a sad June listening to old voicemails from Grace. It is here she gets the password to her mother's Gmail account. She logs in and realizes that someone is sending threatening emails to her. This is the same account that Kevin was once seen interacting with. It turns out he had bought security cameras for an abandoned house, which is actually June's old vacation home in Nevada.

This is when Jimmy comes into the story and makes the biggest revelation. According to the security cameras, it is June’s father who is standing on her doorstep. From a montage of previous search history, we understand the entire game. James has been abusive to Grace forever, and her real name was Sarah. Knowing that the punishment for domestic abuse is not long enough, Grace sends him to jail for possession of drugs. After this, she changes her identity. She takes June away to create a new life and tells her that her father is no more. In 12 years in jail, James makes plans to kidnap Grace with Kevin.

We further see James also kidnapping June and forcing her to come with him. But June uses her wits and tells Siri to call 911. Right at this point, James stabs Grace and forces June to go with him. We see Grace get up and stab James with a piece of glass, leading to him falling down.

Missing is now streaming on Sony LIV, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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