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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Ted Lasso, and more | Top 5 shows on AppleTV+ with highest viewerships

After discussing the top five of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, we have come up with a new curation of top five on AppleTV+

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Ted Lasso, and more | Top 5 shows on AppleTV+ with highest viewerships

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Ted Lasso

Last Updated: 01.23 AM, Jan 22, 2024


While Netflix and Prime Video give a vast library of Original Contents, Apple TV+ has quietly emerged as a contender for the crown, after the surprise three Oscars triumphs of CODA in 2022. Though a relative newcomer, the platform is not just about hit documentaries like Billie Eilish's exploration or hidden gems from Sundance. Apple TV+ is steadily building a compelling catalogue of movies, and catching up with its established rivals beside its own acclaimed TV shows.

Hence, after discussing the top five films of Netflix and Prime Video in our previous article, this time we have come up with a curation of the top five shows on AppleTV+

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

After everyone finds out monsters are actually real, two brothers and sisters set out on a quest to find out why their dad was part of a secret group called Monarch. They wanted to know what their family had to do with these monsters and this mysterious organisation. The action-thriller is currently ruling the no.1 position on AppleTV+. It is also the second most searched adventure show on Google now.


Ted Lasso

An American coach named Ted Lasso got lost on his way to a football game and ended up leading a soccer team instead. He doesn't know a corner kick from a corner store, but he's got more pep than a cheerleader's pom-poms and never runs out of tasty treats. This comedy sports-drama is currently ruling the no.2 position on AppleTV+. It is also the third most searched sports show on Google now. Ted Lasso was nominated for 81st Golden Globe Awards 2024.

Criminal Record

In the busy city of London, a mysterious phone call brings together two detectives. One is just starting out, eager to prove herself. The other one is a powerful man with a lot of history, wants to keep things the way they are. They both have a mission to fix a wrong that happened a long time ago. But they have different reasons and different ways of doing things. Now they have to work together to find the truth. This thriller-drama is currently ruling the no.3 position on AppleTV+.

Slow Horses

Mick Herron's acclaimed Slough House book comes to life in Slow Horses, a spy-thriller where disgraced MI5 agents, each with their own dark past, find themselves exiled to the dreary confines of Slough House. But beneath the surface of paper-pushing and forced tea breaks, a hidden spark of ambition and a chance to redeem their faded reputations ignite, pushing them into a high-stakes game of espionage. The British thriller-drama is currently ruling the no.4 position on AppleTV+. Earlier this month, the streaming giant renewed Season 5. However, Season 4 will have a Fall 2024 release.

For All Mankind

Imagine the space race never stopped! Countries kept blasting rockets all over, not just to the moon, but beyond! Think zooming past Mars, setting up camps on asteroids, maybe even waving at aliens across the galaxy. This ‘what-if’ scenario opens a whole universe of possibilities. This sci-fi drama is currently ruling the no.5 position on AppleTV+.

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