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Nelson: Rajinikanth sir's star power and aura are prime reasons behind Jailer's colossal success

The director thanked the star's fans and the media at the movie's success meet

Nelson: Rajinikanth sir's star power and aura are prime reasons behind Jailer's colossal success

Nelson; Rajinikanth in Jailer

Last Updated: 04.06 PM, Aug 17, 2023


Cinephiles were surprised when Sun Pictures organized a success meet for Jailer today. The production house often refrains from such events, but it is said that the humongous response from across the world made the makers come up with the affair.

A few cast and crew members of the movie were present at the do and expressed happiness on the manner in which the movie is being celebrated. Nelson, who spoke last at the event, thanked the fans of Rajinikanth and the media for making the film a sensational hit.

He said that the Superstar's star power and aura are prime reasons behind the colossal success of Jailer and thanked Rajini for trusting him completely. The filmmaker also said that the star was super excited about how the film came out after the latter watched it a few days prior to its release.  

According to Nelson, cinematographer Vijay Kartik Kannan's inputs played a vital role in shaping the movie. The technician almost worked like an assistant director, revealed the filmmaker. He heaped praise on editor Nirmal who spent the maximum time on the film.

"Though it is a big film, we didn't want to showcase the grandeur for the sake of doing it. Art director Kiran did a fantastic job in coming up with a realistic set," said Nelson. He appreciated action choreographer Stun Siva's efforts in bringing his vision to the big screen.

Sun Pictures announced a few hours ago that Jailer has grossed more than 375 crores worldwide. This came as a surprise because many reports claimed that the action drama has grossed more than 420 crores to date. It is said that the production house is yet to update figures grossed from a few territories.

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