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Netflix’s 3 Body Problem Season 2 will have Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding like sequence? Here’s everything we know so far

3 Body Problem is created by the creators of Game Of Thrones and the first season has dropped on Netflix recently.

Netflix’s 3 Body Problem Season 2 will have Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding like sequence? Here’s everything we know so far
3 Body Problem To Have Its Red Wedding

Last Updated: 01.28 PM, Apr 01, 2024


It’s been years since Game Of Thrones wrapped up its run, precisely half a decade, but we all remember the key moments of the show very clearly. While the big ones where the Night King was killed, Daenerys’ rise as the Dragon Mother, one of the most initial ones and one that shook us to the core was the Red Wedding. It changed everything for the show that till that point felt like one where the Starks would rule forever. Suddenly, the tables had flipped, and we were shocked for weeks to come. While we still remember the shocking nature of that episode, what if we tell you that we might have a Red Wedding equivalent in Netflix’s latest show 3 Body Problem Season 2?


3 Body Problem To Have Its Red Wedding

3 Body Problem premiered on Netflix last month and has taken over the world like a storm, with the viewership of the show continuing to grow. The show comes from the creators of Game Of Thrones, David Benioff, Dan Weiss, and Alexander Woo, who have come together to make the survival drama. Now, if the comments by the Game Of Thrones creators are to go by, the second season of their latest Netflix show will have a Red Wedding equivalent sequence somewhere in the course of the show.

But How?

If you are uninitiated, the Red Wedding took place in Game Of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9, titled The Rains Of Castamere. The Starks were invited as guests, and Rob Stark (Richard Madden), Catelyn Stark, and their bannermen were all killed by betrayal. The moment was so sudden in the show that it caught us all off guard. It prepared us that anything can happen on this show and that one should be worried about their favorite characters.

In 3 Body Problem, there will be a similar sequence, as per the makers David Benioff and Dan Weiss, who revealed the same to The Hollywood Reporter. In the space, an unmanned San-Ti ship-class called droplet is where the sequence will take place. A droplet, known for its speed to reach Earth faster than other droplets, is intercepted by a human fleet. The fleet, disguised as offering peace, is actually vicious. The droplet is able to annihilate close to a 1,000-ship-strong human fleet in minutes.

However, the catch is that the sequence in 3 Body Problem will not be as impactful as Red Wedding was because it will be less shocking and toned down in scale. But nevertheless, something that is compared to Red Wedding by the people who directed it will have the curiosity of maximum level attached to it.

About 3 Body Problem Season 2

There is still no confirmation on the second season of the show, but looking at the success of the first season, there will be a second season at some point. Add to it that the book that the first season is based on is a part of a trilogy, and the rest two books are even more complex and intense than the first one, making the possibility of Netflix investing in the second season even more likely.

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