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NTR 30's RRR connection: Jr NTR is everything that Koratala Siva needs now

The element of water from RRR has followed Jr NTR in NTR 30. 

NTR 30's RRR connection: Jr NTR is everything that Koratala Siva needs now
NTR30, directed by Koratala Siva

Last Updated: 04.12 PM, Mar 23, 2023


Telugu superstar Jr NTR is basking in the phenomenal success of his latest movie RRR. Even as the aftershocks of that film winning the Oscars are still felt across the country, Takra has moved on to his next big project . The film has been temporarily titled NTR 30 and it will mark his reunion with Koratala Siva. While Tarak is fresh off the global success of RRR, Siva is just recovering from a massive failure (Acharya). 

Tarak shot to global fame, thanks to his powerful performance as Bheem in RRR. Director SS Rajamouli had assigned an elemental force each to Tarak's Bheem and Ram Charan's Ram. While Bheem represented the force of water, Ram was presented as a raging fire. RRR was all about the opposing forces of nature forming an unlikely ally and together becoming one unstoppable force. 

And that element of water has followed Tarak in NTR 30. The intense and fiery motion poster that was released earlier makes so much sense now. The promo video showed Tarak standing in the middle of choppy waves with blood-stained weapons. “Sometimes the valour doesn’t understand that it should not go out of its depths. And at times the fear should know that the time has come to stop it. I am coming.”


We heard these words in NTR's intense voice. At the time, we might have misunderstood that Tarak represents limitless valour. But, it's wrong. He's the manifestation of fear in the movie. "The story is set in the forgotten lands of coastal India. In this story, monsters will be more than humans. The monsters who don't know what's fear. They don't fear god or death. But, they all fear just one thing and you all know what it is," said Siva while speaking at the movie's grand launch

Like RRR, water will play a vital role in NTR 30. In fact, the tumultuous waves will for this movie's background, making it a visual spectacle. Cinematographer R Rathnavelu revealed that the movie will be extensively shot at the ocean and gave a glimpse of the massive efforts that will go into filming this movie.  

"You need to spend half a day to take two shots on the ocean," Rathnavelu explained. "This movie has got a lot of Ocean shots."

Rathnavelu added that while they will be shooting ocean sequences "in-camera," there will also be significant use of CGI. "It's going to be a technically brilliant film. We are trying to bring Siva garu's vision to you. He's a wonderful writer and brilliant director." 

Tarak is riding the wave of global popularity post the success of RRR. It remains to be seen whether NTR 30 can add more wind to Tarak's sail. But, one thing is clear Siva needs Tarak more than Tarak needs him. Tarak is everything that Siva's career needs to rebound from his last failure. 

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